The ode to self love

What is self love in a few words?
It is self-love , the unconditional love that we should all dedicate to loving ourselves and being grateful for being ourselves .

Self love is a practice that goes through many stages , which differ from one person to another . And yes, we don't all have the same interests, passions or needs.
This is why someone's routine may not suit their best friend.

But then how can we get closer to self love?

Know yourself

The key is first of all to know yourself to know what you like , or not , what you expect , what you need and even what seems futile to you.

Because once again we are all different , and while your mom loves hiking , you may prefer cooking or having a movie night .

And at a time when the fashionable girl is a girl who gets up at 6 a.m. every day, exercises 40 hours a week and only eats green foods, knowing what we really like is ultimately Most important .

Woman lying down

Create positive affirmations

Another way to move more and more towards self-love is to take the time to say positive affirmations to yourself . These affirmations will put you in a mood of recognition and gratitude to ease your worries and be grateful for what you have and who you are .

So we agree, we can feel a little ridiculous when we start, but we quickly realize that we lose nothing and that if positive attracts positive, we might as well attract as much as possible .

Pink positive affirmations

Take time alone or with others for your passions

Whether it's yoga, meditation, boxing, reading, jigsaw puzzles, horse riding, movies or anything else, it's crucial to regularly take time for your passions , whatever they may be, to flourish at personal title and cultivate your interests to escape for a few moments from your professional or personal life: in short, marshmallow for morale !

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Diffuse soothing scents

The primary goal: to feel good at home , to be soothed , in a cocooning atmosphere to awaken your senses in a pleasant way and enjoy spending time at home, whether alone or not.

By being in an atmosphere in which we feel good , we pamper ourselves and take care of ourselves without feeling like it . This is the ideal advice for lazy people (yes, we see you) or busy women who still want to take care of themselves while doing something else or without much effort.


Take care of yourself

Our last advice is to take care of yourself physically , whether at home or in an institute. Taking a break from our fast-paced life also means rewarding ourselves for everything we do in our daily active life . By being an actor and actress in our social, personal and professional life, we can quickly become exhausted and overwhelmed.

It is therefore crucial to incorporate occasionally, or into our daily routine (for those who can) rituals which are intended to please us , with products that are good for you (like L'Huile des Cimes for a boost of radiance and the Treatment Mask for a guaranteed cocooning moment)

Treetop Oil and Exertier Care Mask

You know all our advice now then,
enjoy yourself without delay and without moderation

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