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Because Exertier is not the only brand that can be found on the market, there are a few brands that we particularly like for their founders , their values, their vision of things or their products .

French creation never ceases to amaze us! We have put together an overview of brands that are transforming our daily lives.

On the menu, discover a natural mascara , an exceptional hair routine , a sensational detox infusion and superb linen sheets ...

And since we're not stingy, we'll share them with you, and yes, it's a gift !
Focus on 4 brands that are worth the detour

ALL TIGERS, the best volume mascara

ALL TIGERS is the makeup brand we dreamed of, functional and trendy packaging , long-lasting products with natural formulas , without forgetting the fact that all products are vegan .
In short, a top brand, modern , with which we finally have to go a long way !

And in the range, our undisputed favorite is the volume mascara , natural and vegan as it should be!

It's our favorite mascara , which we enjoy applying after all our treatments to start the day off on the right foot .
For the team, it is THE best volume mascara which in addition to giving you a doe look , takes care of your eyelashes thanks to its unique care formula , enriched with castor oil .

In a few words, this mascara with its unique XXL brush gives volume , amplifies and densifies your lashes without clumps !

It seems too good to be true but this mascara is the perfect combo between an instantly denser fringe of eyelashes , perfect hold , a treatment to take care of your eyelashes , all that in a 100% vegan formula and at 98% natural .

We therefore without hesitation elect this mascara as the best volume mascara in the natural and organic makeup category.

natural volume effect mascara ALL TIGERS

With Madam President, boost the nature of your hair

Madame la Presidente is a brand that helps you have more beautiful , longer , stronger hair with routines adapted to all hair types and natural formulas .

This brand offers ranges of in & out products , simple and quick to reconnect with your scalp. No more excuses for not taking care of yourself with Madam President, regardless of your hair type.
We guarantee that you will find what you are looking for and the ideal routine for your hair type .

Madam President, it's a story that began in 2017 with the aim of offering you THE ideal beauty routine for all hair types . The products are made in France , with natural formulas and to simplify your daily life while having more beautiful, longer and stronger hair .
Ideal beauty routine for all hair types MADAME LA PRESIDENT

Now that we've taken care of our hair and can look our best to go dancing , or simply to have the best day , shouldn't we do a little detox? To feel good in your body , inside and out?

This is why we recommend a top infusion , for the beautiful plant that you are . (wink)

Belle Plante, the best organic detox infusion with rose from Chic des Plantes!

Plant Chic! it's what ? It's an expert brand that creates high-quality, 100% organic infusions and broths , all of which are made in France (we didn't choose it for nothing!).

The brand takes care to create its own organic blends from the finest plants, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables , for a “ never drunkresult in your cup.

In addition to that, all packaging is eco-designed without plastic and all our products are 100% natural with no added flavors .
Discover the effective reflex to avoid bloating and for a light silhouette with the best organic detox infusion Belle Plante , according to the Exertier team!

This infusion with notes of raspberry and rose will delight your taste buds and your digestive system with its natural and aroma-free recipe , it is your feel good ally !

organic detox infusion with rose Belle Plante Chic des Plantes!

And finally, after taking care of yourself throughout the day, the key to being radiant with beauty is also sleep , which is why we are telling you about one last brand to sleep in a cocooning atmosphere ...

GREIGE washed linen sheets

The GREIGE brand is your ally for a restful night , with bed linen made in France in the Vosges.

And because sleeping well should not be a luxury and our skin regenerates at night , we can only succumb to linen sheets washed Greige .
Because sheets made in France , with 100% French fibers and Masters of Linen certified , cannot be found on every street corner.
GREIGE washed linen sheets

We are waiting for your feedback , we can't wait to see if you validate our favorites !

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