The Care Cream, adapted to my needs?

Because over time your skin changes , dries out and loses its firmness, you need to define your new beauty routine. To get off to a good start with new treatments , it is certainly necessary to favor treatments adapted to mature skin enriched with pro-collagen and moisturizing active ingredients , in order to restore your skin to its former firmness and suppleness.

However, it would be too easy to just have to choose treatments labeled for mature skin... Not always easy, right? Get used to new skin problems and integrate treatments accordingly into your beauty routine... But for that, you can count on us; we are here to help you ! And among them, the choice of your day cream is very important !

So, head to the Care Cream !
The cream that advocates French Aging or the art of aging well!

Care cream

Redensifying + Antioxidant | 75€

It is in the heart of the Alpine mountains that a cosmetic innovation was born: the Care Cream . Concocted with lots of super active ingredients (the superheroes of cosmetics), the Care Cream is an emulsion which contains the highest possible concentration of oils ; which gives it a unique, soft and enveloping touch .

Enriched with pro-collagen , Venus Slipper extract, organic Argan oil and organic grapeseed oil , it is a Care Cream with strong benefits to ensure nourished and protected skin !

  • Pro collagen to improve the appearance of your skin, restoring vitality and firmness
  • Venus slipper rhizome for nutritional and antioxidant actions on your skin
  • Organic grapeseed oil , antioxidant and lipid-replenishing
  • Organic Argan oil protective against aggression and antioxidant

Care cream

Still not sure if it would be suitable for your mature skin needs? A look back at the little extras of the Care Cream, by the team and its customers who are fans of French Aging:

  • For Julie, its sweet flowery smell.
  • For Camille, its enveloping texture.
  • For Stéphanie, its composition with pro-collagen, ideal for re-shaping the oval of her face .

And you, will you be the next to adopt it?

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