7 Reasons Why Your Skin Feels Uncomfortable After Cleansing

Washing your face every morning and exfoliating regularly helps fight excess sebum, remove dead cells and revive the complexion. However , it can happen to all of us to feel a feeling of discomfort after this essential step in our routine.

At this stage of cleansing, the skin is exposed and can therefore feel attacked for several reasons, diverse and varied.

In the event of too frequent cleaning or the use of unsuitable products, the skin's hydrolipidic barrier may be altered, thus causing uncomfortable skin reactions. But how to fix it you tell me!

By first becoming aware of the factors and aggressions, both internal and external, that can cause our skin to react.

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As for external attacks:

The sun

In summer, a season that we all miss, sunbathing is a common practice and allows you to stock up on vitamin D. Unfortunately, the famous sunburn on the cheeks arrived very quickly, causing a lack of hydration . The skin can then feel tight and very red. This discomfort is therefore obviously linked to exposure to the sun and we can never repeat it enough: protecting yourself from the sun means protecting your health ; so think about it (wink)

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Bad habits

Another factor that doesn't help your skin is your bad habits . And yes ! Let it be said, we all have them: we forget to remove our makeup after a night of drinking too much here or irregular facial cleansing there, and so on. So we don't forget the key word for having beautiful skin = regularity !

Unsuitable products

The choice of our products can also be the cause of numerous skin reactions : aggressive products or products not suited to your skin type can then have the opposite effect to the expected effect. Starting from scratch with your skin , knowing your skin through a reliable diagnosis and using suitable products is a must to feel good about yourself. Your skin deserves to feel pampered , just like you!

Environmental changes

Finally, changes in temperature, humidity, pollution or solar radiation can also impact the appearance of your skin . The objective is to give your skin a boost by providing it with what it needs depending on the period .


In the event of discomfort, it is also important to consider the internal aggressions for which we are more or less responsible, to adapt our daily lives to our needs:

A lack of hydration

The main source of discomfort is often linked to a lack of hydration in the skin . And as you well know, hydration comes from the outside but also from the inside so now more than ever: it's time to hydrate !

Lipid deficiency

Another factor that can damage your skin is a lipid deficiency . So don't panic! Your lipid-rich skin can stop peeling and tightness if you take good care of it. Choose lipid-based creams to restore your skin and treat yourself to foods rich in essential fatty acids , because we don't forget: we are what we eat !

Internal disruption and stress

Finally, how can we talk about the factors that influence our skin without talking about hormonal or psychological imbalances . Indeed, stress or the menstrual cycle for women are factors that greatly influence the quality of the skin. It is therefore essential to try to understand your skin as much as possible so that these reactions are not an additional source of stress which would in no way improve the situation. So, take care of yourself and pamper yourself , without moderation. Why not start a spa at home ? to discover here !

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All of these factors can have greater consequences on sensitive skin . In fact, we observe more reactions, more sensations of discomfort, skin heating, burning, tingling, reddening or tightness. But we don't forget you, on the contrary, we even give you our best advice but shush, it's just for you (wink)

Our little secrets to adopt

  • Choose gentle but still effective facial cleansers (such as Lait de Beauté ).
  • Rinse your skin with thermal water rather than tap water (too hard for your skin).
  • Take the time to repair your hydro-lipid barrier after cleansing: with a layer of hydration rich in water thanks to a water-based serum, hyaluronic acid (with the Treatment Lotion ), or even aloe vera. Then a layer of fat with a oil, a rich moisturizer, shea butter, etc. - to be found in the Huile des Cimes coupled with the Light Cream or the Care Cream .
  • Use products from the same range or which can be complementary (for sensitive skin) to maximize the effects of the active ingredients; count on the Le Miracle du Miel and L’Or de l’Orchidee ranges!
  • Adapting your routine according to the seasons can help your skin have the specific intake adapted to its needs.

You now know everything to preserve your cozy skin !

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