5 reasons to switch to Clean Beauty in 2022

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty in short, is cleaner cosmetics. So yes, that’s all well and good, but in concrete terms, what does that mean?

It's a 360° approach to beauty , it's striving to do better for consumers , their skin and the environment . It is a desire for transparency and optimization of active ingredients on the part of brands.

As Exertier likes to remind us: less is more ! Clean Beauty is a minimalist approach that emphasizes products with powerful active ingredients and not a lengthy routine.

It is also a way of favoring one's health by avoiding certain (very unsavory) ingredients that can be found in no-lists , demonstrating the brands' commitment : in short, there are few products and few ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness .

But then what are the reasons to get started?

For himself

Adopting Clean Beauty means taking care of yourself and your health. This means favoring products with natural ingredients and effective active ingredients . The goal of this trend is not to accumulate products without consistency but rather to create a routine , good for your skin and for your mind, made up of products that you enjoy using and thanks to which you see real results. . For this we rely on a few products that meet our needs in terms of sensoriality and effectiveness, according to our needs.


For the environment

In addition to being composed of products with effective active ingredients, Clean Beauty is also respect for the environment . It is the production of cosmetic products in a local and responsible manner , it is also the concern for animal well-being , in particular with vegan ranges ( L'Or de l'Orchidée ) or the emergence of several movements with ranges Beegan ( The Honey Miracle ) and real commitments (among others to bees ) linked to these products. Evaluating its impact on the planet to make these processes as responsible as possible is part of the commitments linked to Clean Beauty .


For transparency

Beyond Clean Beauty, we also find Clear Beauty according to Exertier. But then what is it? It is quite simply the brand's desire for transparency as much in terms of the composition of the products , the formulas , as the manufacturing processes , the ingredients , their origins , the packaging , or the brand's commitments . Because yes, you deserve to know what you put on your face from A to Z, and that shouldn't be a luxury ! Everything we apply to our body can have more or less significant repercussions on our body, so transparency is the watchword of tomorrow .

For trust

Because a brand is built first and foremost thanks to its consumers, trust is more than a necessity ! Clean Beauty implies this desire for quality , minimalism and transparency for cosmetics without hidden faces . Beneficial points for consumers, but also for brands who then develop a privileged relationship with their customers. The goal: to meet your expectations with real, no-nonsense promises .


For the future

Clean Beauty is not just a trend, but a way of life . It is efficiency combined with minimalism , and trust combined with transparency .
In our consumer society, it is important to remember that what is “necessary” is enough . Long routines and cupboards full of products will rarely give you more beautiful skin.

So whether for yourself or for our planet,
Adopting Clean Beauty is the future of beauty

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