2022: Starting from scratch with your skin

Before starting from scratch with your skin , you must first of all know it inside and out. Imagine that your skin is combination with a certain winter sensitivity, whereas you thought it was oily... you will start the year full of ambition regarding your skin , of your desire to have a zero-defect complexion .

Head to the drugstore, basket and credit card in hand, you begin building your new beauty routine with care ranges dedicated to oily skin. Misfortune ! You use your new favorite treatments but the results are not there ...


For what ? Because rushing towards new products without having fully understood your skin type and its condition is like starting it from scratch, but in a shaky, very shaky way ! If you had known that it was combination and sensitive, you would not have used care for oily skin which in your case would be useless.

So, overhauling your beauty routine is a good idea , but taking the time to clearly define your skin type and its condition is essential so as not to go in the wrong direction (like Tom Thumb). However, never take your skin type and condition for granted; re-get to know your skin throughout the year .

To do this, take the time to listen , analyze your skin's problems and follow its evolution (depending on your age, your environment, your lifestyle, the seasons, wearing a mask, etc.):

Man and face mask

Skin type vs skin condition

Know my skin type:

  • Normal skin: No worries, everything is under control! With an unified and smoothed complexion, tightened pores and no excessive shine.
  • Dry skin: Lacking sebum! It is the skin that feels tight with a fine skin texture subject to external aggressions.
  • Oily skin: Wow it shines in the T zone! With a skin texture that appears thick, visible pores and a few unwanted blackheads that we refrain from touching.
  • Combination skin: Skin is undecided between dryness and oiliness! A little shine and blackheads in the T zone and the rest of the face rather dry.

Know the condition of my skin:

  • Sensitive skin: The victim of external aggressions! Reactive skin with more or less diffuse redness.
  • Dehydrated skin: Thirsty skin! Lacking water, it can feel tight during the day.
  • Skin with imperfections: The irregular one! This skin will have acne.
  • Mature skin: Take care of it over time! Thin skin with a loss of suppleness and elasticity, the presence of fine lines and wrinkles or even brown spots.

Cream and beach

Where to get advice?

Are you unsure about your skin type and condition? Do not be afraid ! Today, many means exist to guide and advise you as accurately as possible.

Whether directly with a drugstore advisor , via beauty tests such as skin diagnosis or a personalized appointment with a skin coach .

Beauty routine

What I remember to start from scratch

  • I'm learning to know my skin as closely as possible
  • I take external information to be sure
  • I adapt my care to my skin type, its condition but also to its needs at the present moment
  • And this winter, I'm starting off on a good basis with cocooning treatments with multiple actions such as:

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