Our body, our hive

For this new year , Exertier is looking at holistic beauty , feeling beautiful on the inside to shine on the outside . Because true beauty is self-love and for that you have to take care of yourself , your body, like bees and their hive .

And yes because by taking care of your body, you learn to know what it needs , you also learn to love it and stay attentive to your desires .

Our body is our home , the home of our soul , the external reflection of who we are and if we don't take care of it, it's difficult to appreciate ourselves to the fullest and feel fulfilled in his own body.

Like bees, we have diverse but important roles to keep our body, our hive, in the best possible condition.

bee pink flowers

The cleaner keeps the hive clean and healthy

The role of taking care of your body in a physical way, of eating correctly , of sleeping , of taking care of yourself, in short, meeting the physical and basic needs of our body but far from being negligible. This is the basis for feeling good in your body.

The nurse takes care of the brood with patience and consistency

The role of taking care of yourself as you would take care of a child . It is important to take care of your inner child , to try new things , to have fun in your own way to relax the way you really want to, without external judgment !

The architect builds the combs of the hive

The role of realizing the importance of a good routine adapted to your body and your skin and building this routine with products that are good for yourself and the environment .

Exertier composition products

The guardian defends the hive

The role of moving away from environments that hurt us , stressful people , negative atmospheres , and thus getting closer to people with positive intentions towards you and positive situations and why not take time for yourself on vacation?

The fan regulates the temperature of the hive

The role of moving this body to connect to it , focusing on its sensations , breathing , and making it move to connect with it and regulate excess stress or anger for example.

Sports woman

The forager is responsible for provisioning

The role of taking care of your body with external products to pamper it, take care of it and ritualize your routine . On the menu, cocooning atmosphere , softness and self-appreciation . We guarantee all this with the Light Cream , the Care Mask and the Beauty Milk for lazy people, for its 3 in 1 side (mask, make-up remover, cleanser): a complete routine to pamper yourself .

In short, like the bees who take care of their hive, it is crucial to do the same for our body so that it functions as best as possible, that we feel good inside and above all that we recognizes and identifies with what we see in the mirror .

So yes, it's work because we're the only one to have all these roles, but honestly, you owe it to yourself!

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