How to treat your brown spots?

We are all, one day or another, confronted with brown spots, whether as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, of hormonal variations, but also and simply, as a result of skin aging, which is inevitable, natural and completely normal.

Exertier advocates aging well, or the art of accepting oneself, with one's age and one's skin. To do this, we help you better understand the origin of your spots and our tips for fading them while respecting your skin.

But then what are the causes?

The sun

It activates the production of melanin thus creating a tan on the skin . However, since spots are due to a disruption of melanogenesis , or the process of producing melanin , exposure to the sun will therefore intensify this disruption and the appearance of spots . It is therefore essential to protect your skin in order to prevent the appearance of spots .

For this, we recommend the clean and invisible sunscreen from Seventy-One .

woman running sun


Another important factor may be related to hormones, especially with estrogen-based treatments , such as birth control pills or menopause treatments , which can be a factor aggravating the appearance of dark spots . We therefore advise you to prevent before curing , that is to say, to turn to targeted cosmetics for the prevention and treatment of stains in order to minimize their appearance and reduce their appearance .

The pregnancy

As mentioned previously, hormonal variations can be the cause of the appearance of spots and in particular during pregnancy , by the mask of pregnancy which manifests itself by brown spots on the forehead, cheekbones, cheeks and upper lip. It is therefore essential, if you wish to treat these stains during pregnancy, to turn to products rich in active ingredients to combat these stains while favoring compositions adapted to the state of a pregnant woman , essential oils being absolutely essential. prohibited during this period .

Exertier products, from the L'Or de l'Orchidée range, are particularly suited to this problem of pregnancy masks , while having a composition suitable for pregnant women .

woman pregnancy mask


Finally, skin aging is inevitable and completely natural and has repercussions on the visible appearance of your skin , on its sagging but also on its uniformity. Tasks can then multiply , since over time, a disruption of melanogenesis is very common.

Now that we know everything about the causes of the appearance of these spots , how can we treat them?

The active ingredients to favor

You can favor clean cosmetics that respect your skin, by turning to active ingredients specific to your problem spots.

  • Lanceolated plantain is an active ingredient rich in flavonoids and tannins which stimulates the synthesis of skin fibers and prevents their degradation. It reduces the appearance of pigment spots , unifies and restores light to your skin.
  • Arbutin is an active ingredient that breaks down melanin , and thus effectively eliminates stains. It can be combined with vitamin C to boost its effectiveness.
  • Glabridin is a licorice extract, which has lightening and melanogenesis inhibiting properties, which thus helps reduce brown spots.

Ingredients to avoid

However, there are also preconceived ideas concerning natural ingredients which would be beneficial for the skin but which may in reality not be so effective , nor suitable for your skin, particularly in homemade recipes :

  • Lemon, for example, is terribly drying and astringent for your skin, it is very irritating and we do not recommend its use, except in your meals.
  • Essential oils can be very irritating and even cause burns and significant skin reactions ; they should also be avoided by pregnant women.
  • Coconut oil is another natural ingredient, which can be used to thin out homemade mixtures, however it can be comedogenic and should therefore be absolutely avoided for combination to oily skin.

bath lemon flowers

A suitable routine

To treat these brown spots while accepting them, we recommend a great routine that will allow you to reduce them, to help you accept yourself.

The morning :

1st step : Moisturize your skin and soothe it (with the famous Care Cream )

2nd step : Protect yourself from the sun with a sunscreen adapted to your skin such as the superb Eco Sun Shield Invisible cream from Seventy-One which respects your skin and the environment

3rd step : Choose an anti-UV foundation , we love this one , Pressed Base Mineral Foundation from the Jane Iredale brand

Care cream

The evening :

1st step : Thoroughly clean your skin and any residue from sunscreen (with Royal Jelly , a gentle but effective cleanser, even on sunscreens)

2nd step : Exfoliate (with the Lune de Miel grain-free scrub)

3rd step : Treat the stain with targeted treatment and moisturize your skin (with the Global Serum coupled with the Treatment Cream )

4th step : A small Absolute Collagen food supplement from DLAB to boost your skin before going to sleep

Royal jelly Honeymoon
Global serum DLAB Collagen Absolute

You know everything, knowing that the best solution is still to accept yourself and find yourself beautiful as you are .

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