4 tips for being your own source of well-being

During this month of love , what we advocate is self-acceptance and well-being .

To feel good in your body and in your mind, it is important to be your own source of well-being so that your mood , your self-confidence and your motivations do not depend on a third person or more generally on the outside world .

Either, all our emotions are influenced by our environment but it is important that they are not mainly based on this external world.

This is why the Exertier team wants to provide you with all its advice to place you at the center of your attention and nourish your love for yourself .

Take some time alone

So yes, even if it's intimidating to come face to face with yourself , it's crucial to appreciate yourself , connect with yourself and be the source of your own well-being .

Like a friend who makes you feel good in her company, it is important to enjoy spending time with yourself , to do activities that fulfill you or, on the contrary, simply to rest and recharge .

Taking time for yourself also allows you to refocus on what you really want in life so you can take the most fulfilling paths for yourself.

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Take time for your passions

Because passions are also at the origin of our well-being , it is necessary to take time to do activities that make us feel good .

Whether it's yoga , reading , horse riding , running , dancing or anything else, taking time to connect with your body while escaping from our daily routine is the guarantee of a rested and peaceful mind .

You are at the origin of your decision-making , and you know that the excuse “ I don't have time ” is fine for two minutes but in reality it is more “ I don't have the time ”.

So take the time to give yourself moments intended only for you and your mind .

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Get away from negative situations and people

Because listening to yourself also means not imposing unnecessary and stressful social or professional situations on yourself, it is important not to surround yourself with negative or malicious people who could drain your energy or alter your morale .

Remember, human relationships are meant to flourish together , and not to feel judged or unappreciated for who you are.
Also apply this at work because the professional context is still very important. And because we spend a lot of time there , it is important to flourish as much as possible , whether in a personal or professional context , and not to exhaust ourselves physically or morally for our work.

Remember it, in this era where work has a very important place in our lives .

Know your priorities , and keep in mind that above all, it is yourself .

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Connect to your body

By pampering yourself with products that are good for you and the environment , by ritualizing your routine and favoring textures and smells that please you and transport you .

Treat yourself to some cocooning moments , with products adapted to your skin, we advise you to create a routine that will allow you to feel good inside and out .

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