The incredible properties of our super ingredients

Exertier reflects the desire to highlight our natural treasures , our treasures of the Alps . Here is an article to allow you to discover in more detail our treasures from the Alps which give our products all their effectiveness and sensoriality .

The Le Miracle du Miel range as well as L'Or de l'Orchidée place French , Alpine ingredients with prodigious and unique properties at the center of their formulation .

Honey from the French Alps

Honey , the flagship ingredient of the Le Miracle du Miel range , composed of products that are sources of radiance and nourishment , is a unique and French honey .

This Alpine honey is an outstanding moisturizer and prestigious repairer , rich in amino acids and trace elements .

This honey is grown by artisans committed to protecting bees and who share our beegan values .

Exertier Honey

This ingredient prevents dryness and dehydration of the skin while promoting cell regeneration .

Honey is an ingredient known and recognized for its numerous properties , it is of superior quality when it is produced in a specific and healthy environment , Savoie being the ideal place in terms of honey flowers , low pollution rate and the absence of threats to bees.

Bees in hives Exertier

Orchid Gold

The Sabot de Vénus orchid , the exclusive Exertier ingredient in the L'Or de l'Orchidée range , redensifying and ultra-concentrated in anti-oxidants .

This orchid is the rarest in Europe and the most concentrated in active ingredients.
Exertier has therefore developed a unique extraction process to preserve this treasure of the Alps while taking advantage of its unique properties .

Exertier Venus Slipper Orchid

This ingredient being an ingredient known ancestrally for its powerful anti-oxidant properties , it is the flagship ingredient of the firming and redensifying range which continues to prove its effectiveness on the skin of those who have adopted it.

Our treasures of the Alps are therefore true French treasures which are just waiting to be discovered but still preserved .

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