Smoothies good for the skin

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner .
The ideal time to drink refreshing smoothies , good for your health and your skin .

Because we are what we eat , it is important to favor certain foods related to your concerns , particularly those related to your skin .

Here are some recipes to help you enjoy delicious smoothies and do your skin good, depending on its condition and needs .

For oily skin

In a blender, add 2 slices of melon , 150 g of raspberries , a bunch of celery . Pour in mineral water and mix everything.

Melon helps fight pimples , imperfections and oily skin . Raspberry tightens pores and celery promotes cleansing of the skin and the disappearance of pimples .

Raspberries in bowl

For dehydrated skin

In a blender, add a cucumber after removing the seeds, a peeled garlic clove , 400 ml of mineral water and a stalk of celery . Mix everything, and enjoy.

Since cucumber is 95% water , it hydrates the driest skin and restores radiance .

For mature skin

In a blender, pour a spoonful of liquid chlorophyll , add 2 tomatoes , a handful of fresh bean sprouts , a stalk of celery , a little parsley and salt. Beat everything together , adding water to make mixing easier. Add a few drops of lemon juice once prepared, and enjoy.

Beautiful skin green smoothie

For plump skin

In a blender, pour 200 ml of water or milk , orange juice , add 2 chopped kiwis , 100g of cut strawberries , 4 ice cubes and a little sugar . Beat and enjoy, adding a few ice cubes so that the preparation is very cold.

For glowy skin

In a blender, add ten grapes , 200 ml of mineral water , half a lemon , cut apples and honey . Beat everything for a few minutes, and enjoy!

Yellow smoothie poured into glass

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