Do you know about body brushing?

With the beautiful days coming and the heat creeping into our days , taking care of your body before summer is crucial to feeling good from the outside as well as the inside .

So say goodbye to the feelings of heaviness due to the heat and make your legs light thanks to a simple process , to be carried out at home .

Body brushing : a little-known step in body routines with many benefits .

And because we are fans of it, we present to you all the benefits of this practice, which must be regular to be effective .

But then what are the effects?

Detoxification of the skin

By brushing the skin , cleansing is carried out gently but still in depth , allowing you to get rid of all accumulated impurities .

Dry brushing is also a gentle practice for achieving lymphatic drainage by stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation .

The skin is then firmer and toned , and toxins are eliminated more easily and quickly.

Body brush and soap

A reduction in cellulite

By eliminating toxins and brushing the skin, you reduce the water retention that causes cellulite, thereby smoothing your skin and improving its appearance .

Improved blood circulation

Another benefit of dry brushing is improved blood circulation .

By improving blood circulation , the oxygenation of cells is maximized, thereby reducing swelling , varicose veins and cellulite .

Brushing body legs

Gentle exfoliation

With vigorous brushing , the first effect of body brushing is a gentle exfoliation of the skin, ridding it of dead cells and making the skin softer , luminous and promoting the absorption of the products applied subsequently.

How to do it?

Dry brushing should be done with a body brush and circular movements , brushing can last between 10 and 15 minutes and you can do it all over the body .

Body brush and Auberge Oil

Once brushing , nourish your skin with Huile de l'Auberge , a gentle oil for your skin, with an intoxicating scent to perfectly moisturize and nourish your skin.

Body brushing is therefore your ideal ally to improve the appearance of your skin , achieve natural drainage and lighten your legs .

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