Why did Julie Exertier stop using foundation?

The fashion for glowy goes with skin that exudes health and is visible transparently , despite the makeup applied.

This week we highlight the very essence of Exertier being: self-acceptance .

With French Glow and French Aging , Exertier teaches you to accept your skin by enhancing it and not to fight against its nature or its appearance .

And who better to give you advice than Julie Exertier herself?

We present to you the 3 reasons behind stopping foundation for Julie Exertier .


Julie accepts her skin as it is, taking care of it and taking responsibility for it .

Hiding misery ” is not her philosophy and by being able to observe her skin as it really is, every day and in front of everyone, Julie realized what her skin really needed , in 'observing to react nakedly , according to the seasons , periods or times of the day.

My goal is to make my skin beautiful and healthy thanks to the best French ingredients .” Julie's goal is therefore not to make her skin look beautiful but to enhance it and make it truly beautiful .

From now on, she respects it by cleaning it and protecting it from pollution , by moisturizing it , by only doing gentle grain-free scrubs and two masks per week depending on its needs.

Seeing her naked allows me to listen to her more and sublimate her

Julie Exertier

The weather

Julie no longer spends her morning applying her foundation, taking care that it does not mark areas of dryness, wrinkles, fine lines or irregularities. She prefers the natural appearance of her skin to reveal all its radiance and health .

And yes, because since Julie banned foundation, she no longer spends time looking for the ideal foundation (an impossible quest), applying it (so that it doesn't last all day) or to remove it (and notice the damage left on the skin).

She prefers to devote her time and money to taking care of her skin , by turning to clean and truly effective skincare products , rather than wasting her money testing lots of foundations, in vain.

Confidence in her

The last reason, and perhaps the most important, is for self-confidence . Because “ makeup is sublime but it is also a barrierbetween yourself and the world .

So to love and accept yourself as you are , there is nothing better than to simply start seeing yourself as you are and presenting yourself to the world as you are .

If you love yourself on the inside, you will shine on the outside .

I have confidence in myself, I embrace my 43 years and I have no problem being bare skin in front of people. Sometimes I look more tired in the morning but it's part of my life .”

Julie Exertier

What if quitting foundation was one step closer to self-acceptance and self-love?

It's worth a try like Julie, right?

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