4 tips to restore firmness to your skin

Skin that relaxes and loses firmness with age is normal , natural and above all, it is not serious . It doesn't make you less beautiful or less feminine .

However, we won't blame you for doing what you can to slow down this development of the skin or try to reverse it .

In this article, you can find 4 tips to restore firmness and vigor to your skin .

The active principles and ingredients to favor

Retinol : a powerful vitamin A derivative that promotes cell renewal to smooth and firm the skin's surface. It also stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid : it is therefore an ally of choice for plumping and smoothing your skin .

However, some skin can react to retinol which can be relatively irritating and sensitizing . It is also important to know that retinol cannot be coupled with other active ingredients which make it more irritating . It is therefore an active ingredient to be used with caution .

Hyaluronic acid : naturally present in the body , it allows the skin to maintain its plump appearance , perfect for filling in wrinkles and plumping up your skin . Its undeniable positive point is that it is suitable for all skin types , even the most sensitive .

The Venus Slipper Orchid : the rarest French orchid which is cultivated in the heart of the Alps, it is the origin of Exertier's signature ingredient in the Orchid Gold range.
These virtues are nutritive and antioxidant , it has a moisturizing, plumping and preserving action on the skin while being a natural active ingredient .

Venus Slipper Orchid

AHAs and BHAs : act as chemical exfoliants that act on fine lines and wrinkles , hydration and redness . They help even out the complexion thanks to their exfoliating action . These active ingredients are, however, very abrasive and may not be suitable for sensitive and reactive skin .

Pro collagen : is a known active ingredient , it is at the origin of the synthesis of collagen which visibly improves the appearance of the skin by restoring vitality and firmness and allowing it to retain maximum water, guaranteed to optimal hydration .


We can't say it enough, drink water ! Beauty is from the inside as well as the outside .

Sun water

Our tip : don't think in liters but rather in glasses of water . This way, the amount of water to drink seems more concrete than when thinking in liters. Drink 10 glasses of water a day and you will be perfectly hydrated . Said like that, it's not a breeze .

Also remember to apply your hydrating masks at night . Once a week, apply your favorite mask in a thin layer for a boost of hydration .

When you wake up: plumped and perfectly hydrated skin !


Don't neglect self-massage either, which can radically reshape the oval of your face .

Woman gua sha

Use accessories like gua sha regularly to see real results after just one massage . Smooth your skin and delay the appearance of your wrinkles by combining this massage with natural cosmetics (to preserve your skin ) with natural but effective active ingredients to observe real results .

Your ideal routine

Your ideal routine in just a few products because Less is more

  • Beauty milk to cleanse and remove make-up from your skin while preserving its hydration
  • Eye treatment to smooth your eye contour and brighten your eyes
  • Care Cream (and/or) Huile des Cimes to intensely hydrate the skin, plump it up and give it radiance
  • Gua Sha massage to penetrate all the products and provide a massage to smooth your skin

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