Holistic influencers

This year, Exertier is looking at holistic beauty .
A way to reveal the brand's primary mission : to help you flourish regardless of your age and to find yourself beautiful from the inside and out .

And as we know well, today , in the 21st century, we are in a society of appearance which constantly pushes us to compare ourselves to standards of beauty , which are difficult to achieve .

So why not love and value yourself as you are?

After all, we are unique and no one in the world will have the chance to be ourselves, we might as well take advantage of it, right?

To best support you on this path to self-acceptance , here are 4 influencers (to follow) who could be defined in a few words as: guilt-free , inspiring and triggers .

Shera Kerienski

She is an influencer who can be found on YouTube and Instagram (@shera). She is a strong woman , a woman who is not afraid to be vulnerable and a transparent woman .

Shera Kerienski

His “WITHOUT FILTER” video series presents his daily life to us in the simplest possible way. Shera is inspiring as much by her desire to show her true life , without embellishing it, as by her way of revealing her beauty without filter and sometimes without makeup. This woman communicates the desire to love oneself without taking into account the views of others .

My better self

Louise is a woman, an influencer on Instagram (@mybetterself) and YouTube who makes society's injunctions her fight. Committed to the feminist cause, Louise defends the right for women , like men , to listen to their desires despite the comments and pressures of society .

My Better Self

It inspires you to accept yourself as you are, regardless of your weight , to love yourself and not to censor yourself in order to blend in with the crowd. So hello critics, and hello listening to yourself at all levels.


Carine is a young mother who has been present on Instagram (@sogirlyc) and YouTube for several years.


This woman aspires to relieve young mothers of guilt: by showing her real life , her ups and downs , her thoughts and the problems she faces. She plays down motherhood and the evolution of the postpartum body by encouraging those who follow her not to be too hard on themselves and to accept themselves with their so-called “extra” pounds.

Natacha Dzikowski

This woman is a wellness columnist and author . You can follow her on Instagram (@natacha_dzikowski). She invites her readers as well as her community to accept themselves regardless of their age , particularly with her book “ Belle et bien dans son age ”.

Natacha Dzikowski

This pro-age author , like Exertier's French Aging philosophy, encourages her community to realize their dreams , take responsibility for themselves and their age to fully flourish .

Any other inspiring people to recommend to us?

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