3 tips to redefine the oval of your face

Because at Exertier, we advocate self- acceptance and the sublimation of one's features in a natural way, we give you all our advice to redefine the oval of your face . Firming and tightening your face is the guarantee of accepting yourself as much as possible while taking time for yourself .

In summary, we let our inner beauty shine outward by pampering ourselves : what do the people ask for!
And to do this, we give you all our best tips to look your best and have skin plumper than ever .

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For this, hydration is the key, so that the skin can be plumped , firm and smooth , it is important to turn to products that respect your skin , with powerful active ingredients without adopting a lengthy routine. : the principle of Clean Beauty ultimately.

We therefore give you a small list of smoothing and firming ingredients to favor in your cosmetics to give you the best possible results .

  • Pro Collagen is an amino acid responsible for the synthesis of collagen. It improves the appearance of the skin by restoring vitality and firmness , a real ally in your quest for firm and plumped skin!
  • Shea Butter is an active ingredient rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. It softens and softens the skin.
  • Aloe Vera is an exceptional versatile ingredient, an unparalleled moisturizer that promotes skin elasticity .
  • Centella Asiatica helps stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen in skin tissue.
  • Olive Oil Cerate stimulates the increase in collagen.
  • Hyaluronic Acid has a moisturizing, plumping and firming action.
  • Lanceolated Plantain stimulates the synthesis of skin fibers and prevents their degradation
  • Sweet Almond Oil nourishes , soothes, promotes cell renewal
  • Butterfly Lavender smoothes facial features
  • Royal Jelly reduces signs of fatigue, smoothes the complexion

You can find many of these products in ranges such as Le Miracle du Miel and L'Or de l'Orchidée , to discover without delay!
Deep hydration of your skin with treatments rich in oils will restore comfort to your skin .

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Facial yoga

With the implementation of these ingredients in products in your routine, facial yoga and facial massage can be excellent habits to adopt to promote the firming , plumping and smoothing action of the active ingredients mentioned above.

Facial yoga or facial yoga is a discipline that helps maintain the firmness of your skin and the oval of your face . For an effective facial yoga session, sit in a quiet place and enjoy this special moment with yourself while relaxing .

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Gua sha massage

Facial massage is also an effective well-being practice . To restore firmness to the contours of your face, try the Gua Sha facial self-massage ! ( Gua Sha French Aging and Gua Sha French Glow )!
To perform a Gua-Sha massage there are do's and don'ts . 

Start with a clean face and prepare your skin with an oil (we suggest L’Huile des Cimes and L’Huile de l’Auberge ).

Make movements with gentle but firm pressure to smooth your forehead , define your cheekbones , reduce the appearance of your dark circles and bags , define your jawline and firm the skin on your face and neck !

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To find out all the steps to follow and all our recommendations , take a look at the article: How to do a gua-sha massage at home?

In short, for well-defined features , we favor well-moisturizing products , massages galore , facial yoga and the use of accessories like gua sha !

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