How to hydrate your skin without making it greasy?

Hydrating your skin is the key to a luminous and even complexion.

It is also a step in your routine that is necessary for maximum comfort and preventing signs of aging .

Even if you have oily skin , hydrating your skin is essential!
Here are our best tips for hydrating your skin, without ever making it greasy.

1st step: gentle cleansing that rhymes with hydration

Cleanse your skin with the gentle Beauty Milk .

A make-up removing, cleansing, moisturizing milk that leaves a feeling of softness and comfort on your skin, easy to rinse, it promises you unique comfort without a greasy film .

2nd step: the light effect booster

Follow with the Care Lotion which contains Jojoba oil with rebalancing properties. This lotion will also boost the effect of your cosmetics which will be applied subsequently. If your skin is very oily, the Treatment Lotion may be sufficient on its own as a moisturizer .

3rd step: pure, lightweight hydration

In case you have some imperfections but your skin is not perfectly comfortable after cleansing and applying the Treatment Lotion , complete your routine with the Light Cream . It will not leave a greasy film on your skin but will subtly hydrate it. In addition, it contains honey , an outstanding repairer that is very useful for healing pimples.

4th step: purification, be careful not to overdo it

Twice a week, make a green clay mask to deeply cleanse and purify your skin . Choose a natural or even organic one.

There is no point in overusing it because green clay is very drying and your skin could be unbalanced if you use it too often. Also remember to apply it in a thick layer and not let it dry by moistening it regularly or rinsing it, as this risks drying out your skin too much .

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