5 simple actions to adopt when you have sensitive skin

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Treating your skin with appropriate care means putting aside: redness, tightness and overheated skin!

Many manifestations of weakened skin, requiring it to be cherished with the greatest respect and appropriate care.

Is your skin really sensitive or just sensitized?

Read this article to find out.

5 simple actions to adopt when you have sensitive skin

1. Choose cold saponified soap for cleaning your skin

Turning to a cold process soap means choosing a natural soap; as respectful of your skin as of the environment.

The particularity of this soap lies in the cold saponification, carried out in an artisanal manner by master soap makers. Made from multiple, unheated vegetable oils, these soaps do not denature them and thus, the properties of these oils are maintained.

Also, cold saponified soap means superfatted soap containing glycerin; an extremely gentle cleanser, perfect for deeply nourishing and strengthening your skin barrier.

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Among its active ingredients, we find honey with comforting, soothing and healing properties; enough to spend a real moment of well-being with your skin!

2. Avoid “stripping” active ingredients in cosmetics

In cosmetics, it is difficult to find your way among the many active ingredients included in the compositions? Know which ones are harmful to your skin? No worries, you will soon better understand which ones should be banned.

First, avoid stripping ingredients such as phenoxyethanol. Legislation limits its presence to a maximum of 1% in your cosmetic care. However, it is present in many cosmetic treatments and it is through accumulation that it can attack your already sensitive skin.

Then, drop “aggressive” treatments like grainy scrubs which are not compatible with facial use.

Finally, avoid bad associations in your beauty ritual. For example, avoiding excess acids: pairing a serum based on vitamin C and another product containing Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids is not recommended. Ultimately, these poor mixtures would be synonymous with skin irritation and possible pigmentation spots.


3. Monitor your surroundings

Bathroom, bathtub

When the urban air fails you, take out your best shields!

Between vagaries of the weather, prolonged exposure to the sun, hard water or even air pollution... It is difficult to overcome these external factors, which are partly responsible for your tight skin and your dull complexion.

To compensate for these attacks, consider using sunscreen before each exposure to the sun, while avoiding lounging by the pool or beach between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Learn more about committed sun care by reading this article .

Pollution level? Make an appointment with nature and the fresh air of the countryside or the mountains as soon as you can; your skin will thank you!

Finally, if the water in your home is hard, do not take this subject lightly: hard water has a significant impact on the condition of your skin and actively contributes to drying it out. To improve your comfort at this level, you can turn to anti-limescale filters, to be installed on your water outlets.

As a bonus, choose a rinse with thermal water from your facial cleanser; this is generally softer and less limescale than that of your faucet.

4. Adapt your diet

Feeling beautiful all year round means radiating as much from the inside as from the outside.

Otherwise called holistic beauty, inner beauty is your best ally in fending off imperfections!

How to integrate it into your routine?

By prioritizing a healthy diet and good hydration throughout the day. Thus, you greatly contribute to the condition of your skin. To do this, take your favorite water bottle with you everywhere! Whether it is filled with infusion or green tea, it is perfect, as long as the water remains the majority.

In terms of food, choose foods rich in omega 3 and 6, more commonly called “good fats”; you won't be able to miss them at the supermarket. Between fish (sardines, mackerel, herring, etc.), beans or even oilseeds... the choice is yours!

During periods of extreme cold, consider supplementing your routine with food supplements. Our recommendation: supplements D-Lab skincare, the soothed skin complex treatment .


5. Find a moisturizer suitable for your sensitive skin

Who says respect for your skin, means applying products in accordance with it; minor composition, list of harmless and above all, essentially natural ingredients (such as honey, hyaluronic acid or even Safflower oil and shea butter). To apply this crucial step in your choice of cream, think above all about light cosmetics from clean beauty, green beauty or even dermatological ranges.

Also, choose products from the same brand and range, in order to find similar components and thus prevent your skin from mixing brushes and consequently, a skin reaction.

As a bonus, think about gentle scrubs (grain-free) and treatment masks, to be done once a week.

And after ? The real “sensitive skincare routine” is yours, which you won’t be able to do without!

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