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Here we are, the days are getting longer, the sun and the heat are there from morning to evening, slow life mode is activated!

Summer is a special time of year synonymous with relaxation where you will take the time to read, stroll, contemplate a sunset with friends, lovers or alone. It's the time of year when you take the time to reconnect with your body and your mindset ... At Exertier, we fully encourage you to do so!

But summer is also the season when you expose yourself more to the sun and the wind, you do more swimming in the sea, in the ocean or in the swimming pool. On the skin side, some small changes can be made, so you will have to adapt your beauty routine to the season.

You may have noticed that with the arrival of the first warm weather, your skin has different needs and your usual products no longer satisfy it. Dry skin can become comfortable and combination skin can become oily. You don't produce more sebum than in the middle of winter. There’s no point rushing into mattifying products at all costs. Simply, under the effect of heat and perspiration the sebum in your skin will be more fluid than usual and this can change its quality.


Do you want to get through summer with lightness and freshness?

We have put together the ideal routine for summer:


In the morning, your first beauty gesture will be a jet of cool water on the face before doing anything! The freshness will do you good when you wake up. Plus, it's been proven to improve mood, so there's no reason to avoid it!

After refreshing yourself, the Treatment Lotion will be perfect. Both light like a lotion and powerful in antioxidant active ingredients like an essence, it will leave your skin hydrated, smoothed and re-plumped!

The day can begin… but not without sun protection!

In the Exertier team, there is a favorite product that everyone agrees with.

We are addicted to SeventyOne Percent products: all clean and respectful of the oceans. We have a big crush on their Dry Sun Oil.

SPF 30 or 50 depending on your sensitivity to the sun, oil or milk depending on your texture preferences, the important thing is to protect yourself from the sun.

If you choose a SeventyOne percent treatment, we assure you that you will be very well protected all day long, that you will enjoy an insane vacation smell, and that you will not do any harm to ocean life.


Whether you have makeup on or not, the essential part of your evening routine is double cleansing. It will allow you to eliminate all the impurities accumulated during the day, the remains of SPF and will prepare your skin for the next steps of care.

Step 1: gently remove your makeup (even if you are not) with Beauty Milk. Its soft texture will give you the feeling that your skin is breathing again.

Step 2: Cleanse your face with Royal Jelly which will leave your skin clean, soft and glowing.

Once the double cleansing is done, all that remains is to hydrate and radiate.

For summer, the airy texture of the Light Cream will bring you comfort, hydration and radiance, you will have the sensation of a silk veil on your face.

Finally, to enhance your tanned complexion at the start of summer, a few drops of Huile des Cimes will give you the glowy touch of a healthy-looking complexion.

For those who are addicted to after-suns, we have the nugget to soothe and comfort you after an intense day on a deckchair reading a book...

The Treatment Mask will make you experience a moment of happiness thanks to its cocooning texture and its smell of honey and almond to die for! Honey and shea will repair your skin leaving it comfortable and soft. You can leave it on overnight if needed.

Now you are ready to enjoy the sun safely, while keeping your skin hydrated and glowing as desired!

Ps: As we have all our little comfort tips to spend the summer lightly, here are some Tips from the Exertier team to adopt without moderation:

  • In summer we drink, we drink a lot… water!! (Ok we also do a little more aperitifs but) around 2L minimum per day (water at room temperature) to adapt according to your body and your activity. We can never repeat it too much: the best hydration comes from within. And if you have trouble drinking this amount of water during the day, make yourself some tea (iced if you prefer), or choose seasonal foods rich in water like cucumber!
  • For your shower, choose cool water. It will improve your mood, your circulation and the texture of your skin!
  • To have light legs, after your fresh shower, apply oil to your legs and massage from the bottom to the top! Our Refuge Oil is perfect for this. In addition, your tan will only be enhanced!

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