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"Exertier captures the spirit of the French Alps
in our clean and committed care."


Exertier is one of the rare beauty houses that cultivates, transforms and formulates its signature ingredients.

For Julie, the founder of Exertier, allowing you to enjoy effective beauty without endangering your health was obvious. When Exertier was created, Julie knew she wanted to do more than the regulations: be even more respectful, even more demanding and even more honest.

We have chosen to ban more than 2000 potentially dangerous ingredients, allergens, endocrine disruptors, etc. We ban unnecessary or controversial ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, silicones, PEGs or artificial colors.

Learn more about the ingredients banned from our formulas


We claim natural French beauty, healthy and uninhibited. But also positive, ethical and feminist beauty. Exertier wants to accompany women on the path to pride in being themselves and encourage them to love themselves a little more every day.

We also created French Aging, a liberating beauty and pro-aging movement for women who take charge and shine. For natural, French beauty and the right to age well, healthily and uninhibitedly.

This movement is part of the same approach of “body positivism” and “pro-aging” and reflects a real desire to fully embrace and appreciate ourselves as we are, today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Joining the pro-aging revolution means regaining control of your emotions, (re)learning to accept yourself, appreciating these signs of aging that tell our story, taking care of your skin with natural and adapted products and finally, cultivate self-love.

Our mission is also to help you so that you are able to understand and decipher the content of the cosmetic treatments you use. We want everyone to be able to make an informed choice when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Beyond Clean Beauty, Julie is committed to Clear Beauty. Clear Beauty is the end of fear marketing. Clear Beauty is about listening to you, understanding your needs and moving forward alongside you, taking into account the challenges of responsible beauty.

Clear Beauty is also a commitment to everyone: you, your skin, our chemists, our agricultural partners, our bees, nature.

The Organic Label

Essential oils

(potentially toxic)

95% minimum

natural ingredients

No obligation for local raw materials

Limitation in terms of innovations

total organic ingredients

5% maximum

of chemical components


Clean Beauty by Exertier

Exclusive natural ingredients from the French Alps

98% minimum

natural ingredients

Local raw materials

Constant innovation

Without essential oils

(suitable for pregnant women and sensitive skin)

2% maximum

of chemical components


We grow our signature ingredients at Ferme de Losse, in Traize, in Savoie. Élodie and David are the two daring Savoyard farmers who manage the farm. Both trained in permaculture at Terre et Humanisme, they take care of nature by creating incredible synergies between flowers, plants and market gardening. Permaculture is based on three main principles: respect for the Earth, respect for people and equitable sharing of resources.

It is also there that we have installed our virtuous apiary, surrounded by a magnificent honey garden.

When the Miracle du Miel range was created, it was obvious for Julie to get involved in protecting bees.

Our high-altitude honey is grown by artisan beekeepers committed to protecting bees.

We are committed to the beegan movement.

Among other things, we are committed to leaving honey for the bees to overwinter to ensure their well-being, we never kill the queens of our bee swarms and we never use neonicotinoids near the apiary.

Read more about our beegan commitments

Today we are still looking for more eco-responsible solutions for our packaging. Plastic is not the ideal alternative.

To date, our packaging is either recycled and recyclable plastic or simply recyclable plastic. Some of our references have moved to glass packaging. All our printing (packaging and labels) are made with vegetable inks, which are less harmful and less polluting than traditional inks.

We think every day about solutions to do better and to reduce our ecological impact.