Protect our bees

The best possible honey for your skin.

Sunday October 4 was World Animal Day, a good opportunity to tell you about our beegan commitments and the Honey in your care.

By creating the MIRACLE DU MIEL range, Julie has selected an exceptional honey to respect your skin and provide it with high quality nutrients.

The bees of the Exertier hives are always sovereigns and never threatened at this altitude. They benefit from a healthy environment and without the slightest trace of pesticide.

The honey present in your care presents exceptional properties . The high mountain pollen diversity gives it a great wealth of amino acids, trace elements and fructose.

Photo d'une ruche Exertier avec des abeilles

This honey is a real grace for your skin: it stimulates collagen production and helps the activation of the tissue repair . In addition, its glucose oxidase concentration allows it to restore and maintain your cellular respiration .

Finally, this honey is an ally for your skin (regardless of its type) and it perfectly sublimates your skin care. the Le Miracle du Miel range .

To commit.


When the range Honey miracle was created, it was obvious for Julie to engage in protecting bees . For this, she surrounded herself with trustworthy people who share his values . Honey is cultivated by committed artisan beekeepers in the protection of bees.

The commandments of beegan engagement:

  • Insure the well-being bees in the hives.
  • Respect the periods of wintering leave the honey to the bees.
  • Never kill them swarm queens bees.
  • Ban at all costs neonicotinoids .

Our apiary grows at the Ferme de Losse in Savoie. David and Élodie, committed farmers, take great care. The apiary will be surrounded by large bands of honey plants, perfect for creating a favorable environment for our dear bees.

abeille orange

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