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Julie Exertier


Originally from the Alps, Julie Exertier chose emblematic ingredients from her mountain to create a committed cosmetics brand.
In 2015, after discovering her intolerance to essential oils, Julie decided to create a caring brand with effective, sensory and clean care. His ambition? Leading the clean beauty revolution made in France. Today, Exertier is one of the few beauty houses that grows, processes and formulates its signature ingredients in the heart of the French Alps.

A story


Exertier is a family affair.
This is Julie's maiden name. In Savoyard dialect, it means “pioneer”; “one who opens the way to something”.
It was his grandmother who passed on to him his interest in Savoyard herbalism and his knowledge of the Venus slipper; this incredible orchid from the Alpine altitudes.

The Losse farm


Julie Exertier is driven by respect for nature and the mountains. She shares these pillars with Élodie and David, two daring Savoyard farmers.

The latter settled in 2017 at the Ferme de Losse in Traize, in Savoie. Their objective ? Taking care of nature but also of consumers by offering natural and responsible products. Both are trained in permaculture at Terre et Humanisme. Together, they create incredible synergies between flowers, plants and market gardening.

It is naturally with absolute trust that we have entrusted them with the cultivation of our signature ingredients and the management of our virtuous apiary.

The laboratory


In creating the very first Orchid Gold range, it was necessary to develop an exclusive extraction process. This was the very first time that Venus Slipper was going to be used in cosmetics. Julie therefore needed to surround herself with experts to develop this cutting-edge technique.
She was supported by Jean-Louis Barnay, specialist in biotechnology research, and former director of technological development at Sanofi Pasteur and Pierre Schooneman, former CEO of Avène laboratories and originally from Savoie.


treasures of the Alps

By creating Exertier, Julie wanted to impose absolute standards in the composition of the products in our ranges.

Venus's Slipper

We cultivate this rare orchid from the Alps in our alpine farm in the heart of Savoie. This flower, with super antioxidant powers, is conditioned to survive extreme climates at altitude. A legendary orchid, it works on your skin exactly as it does in nature: it preserves, protects and strengthens it day after day.

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Altitude Honey

Our honey is harvested by hand in the high mountains in our Alpine apiary. Our partner beekeepers are committed to the beegan movement alongside us. The purity of the air surrounding our apiary gives our honey exceptional properties which provide healing, hydration and comfort to your skin.

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