The Exertier No-List

For Julie, the founder of Exertier, it is obvious to allow our clients to enjoy effective beauty without jeopardizing their health. By founding Exertier, Julie knew she wanted to do more. She wanted to do more than the regulations: to be more respectful, to be more demanding, more honest ...

It is naturally that the "No-list" Exertier was created.

And it is also naturally that we make it available to our customers. Thus, everyone is free to make their cosmetic choices while being fully informed. Europe plans 1376 ingredients to be banned from cosmetic formulations in its regulations. ( Did you know that US regulations provide for the restriction or ban of only 12 cosmetic products?) Exertier chose to ban more than 2000 ingredients potentially dangerous, allergens, endocrine disruptors… Here is part of our list of banned ingredients. You will never find these ingredients in our treatments clean and made in France .

Our treatments are formulated ...

    • aluminum free
    • without Ammonium quaternium
    • without BHA and BHT . Butylated hydroxyanisol and butylhydroxytoluene are antioxidants used to prevent fatty substances from going rancid. They are also potential endocrine disruptors, sensitizers and toxic to the liver, kidneys and lungs.
    • no artificial colors . Artificial colors are easy to produce and inexpensive. They are obtained after numerous modifications of mineral extracts or industrial waste (among others). Artificial colors can cause carcinogenic, allergenic and photo-sensitizing risks.
    • Preservatives:
        • without preservatives glycol ethers (like Phenoxyethanol, 2-butoxyethanol and Ethoxydiglycol). These preservatives are potentially carcinogenic. They are usually used as a solvent for mixing oil and water. Nevertheless, it is possible to do without.
        • without organo-halogen preservatives (such as Triclosan, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Chlorphenesin, Chloroxylenol and Butylcarbamat)
    • without Parabens and Aldehydes
    • without DEAT / TEA / MEA / ETA
    • without Petrochemical derivatives
    • without Titanium Dioxide
    • without Synthetic sunscreens . Some chemical filters can have estrogenic activity, be allergenic or endocrine disrupting. Some can even cross the skin barrier. Above all, many of these filters are an ecological disaster. This is the reason why these synthetic screens are on our no-list.
    • without palm oil . This is not new, the strong demand for palm oil production has long been a major factor behind various ecological disturbances (deforestation, destruction of biodiversity, etc.) in several regions of the world such as Southeast Asia, South America and West Africa. If it is inexpensive and very present in both the food and cosmetic industries. However, you will never find it in our formulas.
    • without essential oils . This was a key point from the start of the Exertier adventure for Julie. She is strongly allergic to essential oils. During her first pregnancy, she despaired of not finding any cosmetic product without essential oils on the organic shelves. It was a click for her.
    • without Hydrolyzed and esterified vegetable oils
    • without mineral oils . Mineral oils are oils obtained from petroleum refining. First of all, they have no nutrient supply that pushes the skin to self-regulate and is therefore very addictive for it. Indeed, the skin can quickly rest on the application of the product to maintain its hydration for example and it becomes lazy and no longer tries to do it alone. Then, mineral oils act as a blackout barrier on the skin and can thus clog the pores and promote the appearance of pimples.
    • without Hydroquinone
    • without Ethoxylated Ingredient (PEG, Ceteareth, Polysorbate, Steareth, SLS, etc.)
    • Free of Heavy Metals which are known to have neurotoxic effects.
    • without Methoxyethanol
    • without Nanoparticles . Nanoparticles are particularly harmful for the marine ecosystem but also potentially at risk for our skin. Often present in sun protection formulas, nanoparticles provide a fluid texture that is easy to apply to the skin. There is none in your Exertier care.
    • GMO free
    • Phthalates free
    • without Silicones . First of all, it must be said that a large part of silicones represents a danger for the environment. Indeed, some silicones take hundreds of years to disappear entirely from nature. They are also toxic to flora and fauna. Also, recent studies demonstrate a potential carcinogenic risk relating to certain forms of silicones.
    • without Sodium Laureth Sulfate

More information...

If you have any questions about our "No-List", ingredients banned from our formulas, you can send us a message by staying on this site or send us an email at .

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