Your skin facing seasonal changes

As we move from summer to winter, new skin sensations may appear; dryness, dehydration of the skin, redness due to the cold... different factors requiring an adaptation of your beauty routine to move towards more creamy and rich textures.

It is through this article that we wanted to support you in this transition to a 100% winter beauty routine, thanks to our five well-targeted tips…

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1. Use a gentle cleanser

To start your routine off right, don't forget about choosing your daily cleanser. Indeed, in winter your skin tends to become fragile; You will therefore need to choose a cleanser for your face that is particularly gentle and not drying or exfoliating.

In order to choose your facial cleanser carefully and sort through the multitude of existing products on the cosmetics market, you can already ban any cleanser containing sulfates from your options; a compound often listed at the start of INCI lists which will tend to dry out your skin.

As for exfoliating cleansers, these can remain in your skincare routine but be sure to use them sparingly; for example, by exfoliating once or twice a week.

Our proposals?
For the most sensitive skin, we guide you towards our Royal Jelly composed mainly of high-altitude honey and vegetable glycerin; two active ingredients with super hydrating benefits for the skin.

Royal jelly

Cleanser + Radiance | 19€

As for mature skin, our Beauty Milk , enriched with pro-collagen, will be more suited to you. In fact, pro collagen helps maintain the firmness of the skin and restores its vitality.

Beauty milk

Cleanser + Care | 26€

2. Adopt a hydrating serum and massage your face

To treat your skin dried out by the cold, limit its uncomfortable tightness and put an end to your dull winter complexion, don't just stick to applying a facial cream morning and evening. On the contrary, increase the hydration of your skin using a special hydration serum.

Our proposal ?
The Global Serum from the Or de l'Orchidee range and composed of organic grape seed oil; an active ingredient with nourishing properties that will hydrate and brighten your dull complexion.

Global Serum

Corrector + Firming | 115€

To be compared to our Gua Sha French Glow or French Aging for a daily de-stressing massage, to increase the effectiveness of the serum tenfold.

Gua Sha French Glow Gua Sha French Aging

Smoothing + Glow Booster + De-stressing | 19€
Smoothing + Youth booster + De-stressing | 25€

3. Choose a rich cream

In addition, leave aside your too fluid summer cream and opt for a smoother version for this winter! As your skin tends to feel tight and dry out quickly at this time of year, you will need to use a cream with a rich texture and full of moisturizing ingredients.

Our proposals?
The Light Cream enriched with high altitude honey, both moisturizing and ultra cocooning to give radiance and lightness to your sensitized skin.

Light cream

Moisturizing + Radiance | 59€

And for mature skin looking for a more nourishing cream, the choice will be the Care Cream highly concentrated in oils, in order to create a real cocoon of comfort around your skin.

Care cream

Redensifying + Antioxidant | 75€

But that's not all ! As with a scrub, it is important to make face masks weekly. So… what are you waiting for to try our Treatment Mask ? Thanks to its composition rich in organic royal jelly and Shea butter, your skin will quickly find soothing and comfort.

Treatment Mask

Nourishing + Restorative | 50€

4. Don't forget to pamper your body

Finally, taking care of your skin doesn't stop at the face! To avoid the croc effect, don't neglect the rest of your body and treat it once a day.

By equating a body cleanser which is, here too, gentle to a product such as a body oil with a nourishing action.

Our proposals?
By adding our Bee-Saving Soap to your routine.

Soap that saves bees

Face + Body | 12€

And our Huile de l'Auberge , you can say hello to soft and hydrated skin all the way to the tips of your toes!

Inn Oil

Nourishing + Relaxing | 39€

5. Tip in and out bonus

Always keep in mind that good hydration of the skin happens both from the inside and the outside... So, remember to drink regularly and reach around 1.5 liters of water per day, in order to avoid early dehydration .

To help you, you can alternate glasses of water with foods rich in water such as cucumber or even enhance your drinks with infusions.

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