Cosmetics from the Alps

Why import ingredients grown on the opposite side of the planet when real gems are at your feet?

Among Exertier employees, this was a subject at the heart of our concerns! Between two mountains, it is in the heart of the French Alps in Savoie that Exertier draws its once well-hidden treasures.

From honey , to Venus Slipper, through Arnica Montana or even Lanceolated Plantain

Today, these treasures are highlighted, revalued and perfectly integrated as main active ingredients in the formulation of your treatments.

Suitable for the most cosmetically intolerant skin, they redefine the pleasure and sensoriality of your beauty routine.

Ready for a tête-à-tête with the treasures of the Exertier Alps?


From the mountain to your face, there is only one step: choosing Exertier for your beauty moments.

With its 100% French ingredients, at least 98% natural, the importance of local cultures and traceability is clear in the Exertier formulation. Exertier is one of the rare beauty houses that cultivates, transforms and formulates its signature ingredients itself.

Making this choice means choosing the severity in the list of components; Exertier bans more than 2,000 ingredients that are potentially dangerous, allergenic or suspected of being endocrine disruptors; to be found directly on our no list .

But then, what do we keep at Exertier?

  • Signature ingredients grown and produced locally at high altitude in Savoie
  • High concentration French natural active ingredients
  • For 0% petrochemicals, against 98% minimum of ingredients of natural origin
  • All packaged in eco-responsible packaging

Losse farm

Signature ingredients from the French Alps yes, but which ones?

High-altitude honey: A honey made in a virtuous apiary in Savoie (French Alps) with multiple properties and which is ideal for sensitive skin. Indeed, rich in amino acids and trace elements, it helps to eliminate redness, scales and irritation.

Separation The Venus Slipper: A key ingredient in our Orchid Gold range, the Venus Slipper is a variety of orchid considered to be the rarest orchid in Europe. Precisely, it is not the flower as a whole that is used in our formulations but rather its rhizome that we extract. This corresponds to the roots of the flower that we will extract with the greatest rigor. Moreover, wild harvesting is prohibited. You can favor it if you need a shield against external aggression.

And then, local? Yes ! It is cultivated in the very heart of the French Alps, precisely in the Vanoise National Park in Savoie. Ultimately, we will cultivate it at the Ferme de Losse.


Lanceolated Plantain: A plant that you will find mainly in Europe, in grazed meadows and meadows or regularly mown meadows. Rich in flavonoids and tannins, it will stimulate the synthesis of skin fibers with the aim of reducing the appearance of pigment spots. If you include it in your routine, you will be able to say hello to an even and radiant complexion in the long term!

Separation Arnica Montana: It is made from mountain arnica; a high altitude plant that you will find mainly in Europe. Widely used in homeopathy, Arnica Montana draws its reputation from its soothing and calming properties for the skin.

Separation Butterfly Lavender: A delicate flower that will instantly smooth facial features, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Your skin loses fatigue and gains freshness!


How to integrate Exertier products into your routine?

Honey Miracle Range

A range for the most sensitive skin: The Miracle of Honey

Composed of six products , Miracle du Miel is a range specially designed for the most sensitive skin, promoting French Glow; or the art of healthy, glowing skin!

Its main asset?

High-altitude honey from Savoie, made from honey harvested directly from the Ferme de Losse. A 100% natural honey whose benefits will be maximized for a range combining repair, hydration and a source of radiance for your skin.

A range designed for mature skin: Orchid Gold

Made up of six products, l'Or de l'Orchidee is a range that is particularly suitable for mature skin. Without promoting anti-aging but, the French Aging ; or the good aging of the skin which you can discover in more detail here .

Its main asset? 

The formulation of l'Or de l'Orchidée products is intended to be meticulous; due to the rarity of the Venus Slipper and the part chosen in our formulations: its rhizome. Known for allowing the plant to survive in extreme climates, the active ingredient will have antioxidant and nutritional actions, while firming the skin and protecting it from external aggressions.
Orchid Gold Range

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