French Aging: Pro-aging according to Exertier

Long searching for the Holy Grail of anti-aging , seeking to hide their wrinkles and fine lines, women with mature skin are now turning towards a more rewarding notion of age ; that of taking it in beauty with a mature face accepted and exposed.

Beauty trends have always been reflected in cosmetics favored by consumers. With this new definition of age, a new definition of cosmetic labels is also emerging.

Between “age-defy”, “slow-age” or “well-aging”, there are more and more synonyms for pro-aging ranges to move away from the ideal of beauty defined by a forever smooth face. .

At Exertier, this pro-aging trend is also present and advocated via the French Aging concept of the L'Or de l'Orchidée range ; is a range suitable for mature skin looking to respectfully support their skin so that it ages well.

Care Cream and Great Care

L’Or de l’Orchidee: The range promoting French Aging

Made up of 6 products , the L'Or de l'Orchidee range promotes the proper aging of the skin and not, the idea of ​​rejuvenating at all costs.

As such, we offer products adapted to the needs of the age and under the 6, you will have what you need to build a complete pro-aging beauty routine.

Based on the rhizome contained in the Venus Slipper (an orchid that grows in the Hautes Alpes), the different products in the L'Or de l'Orchidée range ensure you have a foolproof routine ! By protecting your skin as best as possible, just as they protect themselves from extreme high mountain climates.

Orchid Gold Range

In terms of results, what does the range offer?

Thanks to the antioxidant and nutritional actions of the exceptional signature ingredient that is the Venus slipper rhizome, your skin will be firmed and effectively protected from external aggressions .

Great Treatment and Global Serum

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