SeventyOne Percent x Exertier

I met Raphael and Marc, the founders of SeventyOne Percent, during the French Beauty lab in Paris in 2019. Since then, I have become a big fan of their products. Already thanks to their values: clean formulas, eco-responsible packaging (and for these 2 surfers that really means something). Then I love their textures and particularly this SPF 30 oil. Personally, I'm part of the bad bronze team so I need a sunscreen that I really want to reapply every two hours.

SeventyOne Percent and Exertier is above all a story of nature lovers in the broadest sense!

Marc and Raphaël are passionate about surfing and lovers of the ocean. Julie is originally from the Alps and is driven by respect for nature and the mountains.

The evidence is there: these three enthusiasts of the great outdoors who have built their commitment around the protection of the planet and the well-being of everyone, had to do something together.

It was quite natural that the idea of ​​a collaboration arose, leading to this box set that you will love. The clean reference in sun protection and the leader in French aging have selected for you the essentials for your summer, which will shine with glow and a tanned complexion.

The idea is to offer you what is best for you and for our favorite playground: the planet.

So Marc, Raphaël and Julie have selected the best in sun protection which will allow you to enhance your tan in complete safety, without polluting our seas and oceans, and the best in cleansing while providing hydration, comfort and radiance to your skin. .


It's THE protection without compromising on pleasure, thanks to its crazy holiday smell and its dry oil texture which penetrates very easily. It will leave you with the sensation of a velvet veil on the skin. You will love it and never part with it again! You can use it on face, body and hair. Little tips from the SeventyOne Percent team: mixed with the salt from your swims it will give your hair those wavy waves that you love! (tips tested and validated by the Exertier team)

You are ready for a sensorial beach session.


This micellar jelly will be your cleanser for the whole summer, you won't be able to do without it!

Based on good honey from the French Alps, it will clean your skin with love. Its incredible texture, which transforms into milk on contact with water, will leave your skin soft and perfectly clean.

The impurities accumulated during the day and the remains of SPF will be eliminated, your skin is ready to receive the rest of your skincare routine (by Exertier off course!)


From Biarritz to Collioure via the banks of Lake Annecy, your tote bag will accompany you throughout your summer vacation.

At Exertier here is what the team puts there for a lazy day with their feet in the water: iced tea, a recycled organic cotton fouta, sunglasses, Dry Sun Oil from SeventyOne Percent, a handful almonds for a snack (or 2 euros to buy a donut on the beach!), a pair of fins for the more sporty ones, a good novel, Nathalie Rozborski's guide “I want everything” because we read it and reread it constantly! And finally some celebrity magazines, essential to stay informed!

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