Ritualize your routine with accessories

A beauty routine is above all a moment for yourself .

A moment to take care of yourself , pamper your skin , your body and your mind by taking a break from your life, often a little too fast and not always gentle .

A routine must be adapted to each and everyone , in short, it must be unique .

And to make it as pleasant as possible and stick to it, because we tell ourselves, sometimes the desire to take the time can be lacking , what could be better than to ritualize it with relaxing accessories?

Here is a selection of tools to enhance your routine and make it even more effective .

To relax

What's better to relax than a scalp massage , for this the ideal tool : a head massager . A guaranteed moment of relaxation and a boost in the effects of your shampoos and masks .

This brush will activate the microcirculation of blood in your scalp and will thus stimulate the growth of your hair by limiting hair loss .

The ideal tool for converting hair washing into a unique moment of relaxation .

Washing your hair will become a pleasure , we assure you.

Stimulating Scalp Brush Cutbyfred

To unclog

Since we talk about this moment of relaxation during the shower, why not adopt a facial cleansing brush to clean your face in depth without attacking it , while carrying out a light exfoliation .

To preserve the quality of your facial brush , you can wash it after each use with mild soap or shampoo .

We then invite you to dry it upside down .

You can also integrate a body brush into your routine which will exfoliate your skin while activating blood circulation .

This action will drain your body with the use of an oil .

Inn Oil

To redraw your features

After applying your treatments and creams , it's time to adopt a new tool. The very renowned gua sha , a tool that will smooth your skin , give it radiance while activating blood circulation , and finally reshape your features thanks to its draining action .

Get a gua sha stone adapted to your needs and problems for maximum effects .

Perform the movements between 5 and 10 times with firm pressure , while having applied an oil beforehand .

Gua Sha French Glow

To decongest

Finally, before starting your day, what's better than a simple spoon placed in the fridge when you wake up to decongest your eye area?

You can also place your gua sha in the fridge to decongest your face , in addition to all the properties mentioned above .

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