How to make a routine effective?

You frequently ask us the following question:

“How can I optimize my routine and ensure that it is truly effective?”

Have you ever been lost in the order in which you apply your products? Noticed that products are linting on your face? Found that a product had no effect even though a friend described it to you as a miracle? Found the application of a product unpleasant?

It happens... Except when you know these few tips to optimize your beauty routine:

A short guide to the essential things you need to know to use your care in the best possible way.

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Order of products

Follow the simple rule of applying your treatments from the most watery to the most oily .

Water is easily absorbed by the skin BUT it can also evaporate easily. So it is absolutely necessary to use an oily formula to protect the hydration supply and maintain the active ingredients.

The principle of layering perfectly explains this layering of care . As a reminder, always follow the following order:

Double cleansing > Lotion > Serum > Eye contour > Cream or oil

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Pay attention to incompatibility between certain products in your routine. Often, incompatibility between two products results in a product that fluffs up on your face when applied.

An incompatibility can come from many different things and the only way to know what causes it is to experiment. You can :

  • Change one of the two products between which the lint phenomenon has occurred, because if one product lints, it does not mean that it will lint with all your other products.
  • Limit the incompatibility between the two products by applying the second by tapping (and not by rubbing or spreading it) or by waiting a minute between the two steps.


Your lotion and/or serum should always be followed by a cream or oil

A water-based product alone would evaporate from your skin too quickly.

Some exceptions exist! For example, the Treatment Lotion will be sufficient for oily skin that will not require an additional moisturizing layer. Sometimes a serum that is an oil emulsion can stand alone.

Care Lotion

Product testing time

Complete cellular renewal of your skin takes between 21 and 28 days . So, you have to be patient to observe the benefits of certain products. Short (approximate) guide to action times:

  • Immediate effects (e.g. cleansers have an immediate effect: the skin is cleansed as soon as they are used)
  • The medium-term effects take 2 or 3 weeks to take effect
  • Long-term effects can take between 2 and 3 months (e.g. treatments that reduce wrinkles and those that plump the contours of the face).

The latter type of assets works in message cascading and repetition. Your skin needs more time to receive them and react accordingly.

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The app

Generally speaking, your aqueous products are applied by tapping and your oily products rather by massage .

Be careful to never massage your skin when it is dry or with a product that is not oily enough. If a product does not slide on your face and you bend your skin while massaging it, you risk damaging it , or even creating fine lines or wrinkles .

Finally, make sure to always read the brand's recommendations on its products .

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