Protecting your skin during allergy season

The arrival of spring , the birds singing , the parks increasingly full of flowers and the milder temperatures : the ideal time to go out , enjoy nature and recharge your batteries .

Yes, but that's without taking into account the arrival of allergies .

These discomforts that make our days a little less pleasant and which can even have an impact on our skin .

Dryer eyes , irritated nose contour , dry lips , etc. but this is not inevitable .

Exertier presents his best advice to protect your skin during this period.

1st step: double cleansing, doubly important

Double cleansing consists of cleansing your skin twice in order to rid it of all impurities and balance your skin without damaging it .

It is the solution for clear and uniform skin which will regulate itself over time, thus limiting the appearance of imperfections .

To achieve this crucial first step in your routine, first turn to gentle cleansers that are not aggressive to your skin.

First of all, Royal Jelly will allow you to remove impurities thanks to its honeyed texture to apply to dry skin .

This application on dry skin will allow the product to be directly in contact with your skin without slipping on the water that would have been applied beforehand. Its texture allows this cleanser to clean your skin, remove makeup , remove UV filters while preserving the hydration of your skin.

After rinsing this jelly which turns into milk on contact with water and which thus allows all the impurities to fall with it , move on to the second step of your double cleansing.

The Beauty Milk will perfectly match your skin to finish cleansing while being extremely gentle and suitable for all skin , even the most sensitive.

This product, which serves as a makeup remover , cleanser and moisturizer , will allow you to perfect your double cleansing while providing a boost of hydration to your skin.

Its soothing formula and very hydrating composition will allow you to pamper and plump your skin while ensuring that it is perfectly clean .

2nd step: the lotion that rhymes with action

Because once again cleansing does not rhyme with drying , the Care Lotion will perfect your cleansing while soothing , rebalancing and hydrating your skin thanks to the pro-collagen and hyaluronic acid it contains .

Adopting a lotion into your routine is the perfect solution to boost the effectiveness of your products and make your skin soft and smooth .

3rd step: the importance of sun protection

With the beautiful days arriving accompanied by the strong arrival of the sun , protecting your skin is essential .

Choose an all-in-one SPF like Dry Sun Oil from SeventyOne Percent . A protective oil which will ensure the protection of your face, body and hair , its sweet smell promises you a spring full of sensoriality .

This step therefore reveals the importance of having a cleanser such as Royal Jelly to remove the sun filters from your skin at the end of the day , which could prove harmful to your skin if you do not wash it properly.

And because Exertier wants to simplify your life , you can find these two essentials in this kit .

4th step: pollution does not stop in spring

Hence the need to use in your routine a moisturizing , soothing and shielding product for your skin against pollution but also against allergens in the air .

Huile des Cimes , a 5-star bestseller, is your perfect ally .
Either as a treatment oil or as a radiance booster in your moisturizer , this soothing and plumping oil will bring radiance to your skin while intensely nourishing it without a greasy finish . It's your essential this spring.

5th step: intense repair

Finally, to counter the damage of these allergies on your skin , what could be better than a restorative treatment with honey to soothe and regenerate your skin ?

The Treatment Mask can be applied to the contour of the nose as well as all over the face to gently repair your skin for a few minutes before being rinsed off or overnight , during a one-week treatment .

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