How to soothe your sensitive skin overnight?

Whether your skin is combination , oily , dry or even normal , it can be sensitive . It is therefore important to take care of it as much as possible to limit reactions and discomfort .

Having a suitable cosmetic routine is good, but finding habits in your daily life so that your skin can look as good as possible is better.

Here are some tips to reduce inflammation and take care of your sensitive skin .

Your beauty routine

Because yes, all your habits are important , but the basis for taking care of your skin is above all a suitable routine .

To do this, start by generally choosing cosmetic products that are gentle on your skin.

Remember to remove your makeup and then clean your face daily .

Double cleansing is your ally in cleansing your skin gently but still deeply , without damaging it .

To do this, choose a gentle makeup remover that will gently dissolve your makeup . Royal Jelly is perfect for this action, its honeyed and moisturizing texture grips all your makeup to carry it away when rinsing .

After that, to clean your skin , turn to Beauty Milk , which is a cleansing and make-up removing milk that can also act as a moisturizer .

Thoroughly cleaning your skin without attacking it will reduce inflammation and thus provide a good basis for the subsequent application of treatments .

Your ultimate treatment

Following cleansing and to soothe your reactive skin, you now have your solution. The Treatment Mask : a soothing and comforting mask .

In a few words: this mask envelops your skin in a nourishing veil of great softness to repair , soothe and plump your sensitive skin .

Use it as a classic mask by leaving it on for a few minutes then rinsing it or apply it in a thin layer to use it as a night mask and make the most of its benefits .

Take care of yourself from the inside

Our skin is also impacted by what we eat , so focus on foods that reduce inflammation like fruits , vegetables , fatty fish , oils , turmeric , legumes and dark chocolate . If you can, also choose seasonal fruits and vegetables which will be richer in vitamins and even more beneficial for your skin and your body.

However, limit processed foods and red meats which can cause more inflammation and will only make the problem worse.

Following your meal, do not hesitate to consume herbal teas , particularly based on lavender , basil , blackcurrant , ginger , chamomile and sage .

We are personally a fan of Chic des Plantes herbal teas , let us know what you are up to!

Herbal tea leaves and flowers in cup

When sleeping

When the time comes to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus , you can also preserve your skin by opting for a silk pillowcase with many virtues to take care of your skin and your hair .

By absorbing three times less than cotton , this material does not absorb your products , neither from your face, nor from your hair: all the benefits of the active ingredients of the products in your beauty routine are yours .

Say goodbye to redness and regain comfortable skin overnight with all these tips!

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