Why turn to a tan activator?

A tanning activator is a 2 in 1 treatment , which is therefore a real treatment which must be adapted to your skin type , but it is also a product which will allow you to tan more while exposing yourself less: perfect for a great tan while preserving your skin. Discover the new product from Exertier: Soleil de Miel .

A complete treatment that hydrates and prepares your skin for a tan while prolonging it . Result: your skin is hydrated and repaired from damage caused by the sun . You immediately regain a healthy glow with a uniform and prolonged tan .

Soleil de Miel d'Exertier is THE tan preparer and accelerator for your summer and your best ally for a tanned complexion all year round .

This product completes the Le Miracle du Miel range . This complete treatment hydrates while preparing the skin for tanning and prolongs it for a perfect and long-lasting tan . The texture of this hyper- sensory treatment is creamy , it is easily absorbed by the skin and its apricot shade promises an immediate healthy glow. In short, pure glow in a pot .

There are three natural active ingredients which give it its unique properties and effectiveness:

Carrot oil ultra rich in beta carotene to prepare it for exposure to the sun to tan more quickly and evenly.

Carrot Oil Pictogram

Orange extract is the secret, natural ingredient that increases melanin production and speeds up the tanning process.

Orange extract pictogram

Finally, the exclusive active ingredient developed and harvested by Exertier in the heart of the French Alps: the Miracle of Honey , pure high-altitude honey ultra-rich in trace elements. It is the ideal ally to regenerate your skin and repair it from damage caused by the sun.

This brand new product promises to be the perfect complement to your sun protection for a clean tanned complexion that lasts: with Soleil de Miel , expose yourself less to tan more .

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