The 5 mistakes to avoid when taking care of your skin

We are not all exemplary when it comes to treating our skin, due to lack of time , resources or simply habits . We all make mistakes and damage our skin without even realizing it . We therefore present to you our top 5 habits to ban to preserve the quality and visual appearance of your skin .

Forgetting to clean

Forgetting to clean your skin is one of the most common skincare oversights. However, it is also one of the oversights that damages your skin the most. Indeed, sebum , pollution , makeup , etc. accumulate on your skin, creating inflammation , imperfections and premature skin aging .

Cleansing is the central element of your routine , the first step that frees your skin from impurities , so it should not be forgotten.

To think about it

Choose a facial cleanser that you like , both in terms of its texture and its smell .

If you like honey , for example, opt for Royal Jelly .

If you prefer flowery scents , turn to Beauty Milk .

When cleaning has become a pleasure , we even advise you to adopt both to discover the superpowers of the double cleaning technique .

After cleaning

Once you get into the habit of cleansing your face, be careful not to rub your face with your towel . Take the time to pat your skin dry , not rub it . You could irritate it , damage your hydrolipidic barrier and sensitize it after the cleaning stage.

To think about it

The first days or weeks, bring tissues with you to dry your face. You will then be forced to pat your skin or the tissue will crumble .

Forgetting to hydrate

Another common mistake is forgetting to moisturize after cleansing. People who tend to forget this step are people with combination to oily skin . If you do this, it means that you will not feel any discomfort or dryness following your cleansing. However, this is not a reason not to hydrate your skin, which still needs it to avoid overproduction of sebum in reaction to a lack of hydration but also to protect your hydrolipidic barrier .

To think about it

See this step as the icing on the cake of your cleansing which will hydrate your skin, making it smooth and soft . So use the Care Lotion which hydrates your skin without greasing it, while refining the cleansing stage.

Hands-skin contact

Another well-known habit is that of touching your skin during the day or breaking out pimples or blackheads . Stop right away. Other than leaving marks, these techniques will not solve your problems.

So be patient and don't touch it . However, if the urge is irrepressible, remember to wash your hands and disinfect the area .

To stop thinking about it

If anti-pimple patches are available to you, do not hesitate to apply them to forget the existence of this pimple.

Dangerous overlays

Finally, the last mistake that can greatly damage your skin is layering different products without knowing if the active ingredients are compatible when applied together. Reactions between these components can damage your skin, so it is essential to check with the different brands of your cosmetics to ensure the compatibility of the different products in your routine .

To stop thinking about it

Our best advice would be to turn to natural products that will not be irritating to your skin. By creating a routine with clean products from the same brand , you avoid all risks of incompatibility between your products .

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