Double cleaning in summer

You must have already heard about double cleansing . A cleansing technique for your face that would allow you to regain clear , healthy skin ! But then where does this technique come from and what does it consist of?

The origin of double cleansing

Double cleansing comes to us from Japan . This technique comes from the ritual of layering , very popular in Asian countries. Double cleansing combines makeup removal with a product with an oily base , such as shea butter, then gentle cleansing with an aqueous cleanser to complete the cleansing while protecting the hydrolipidic film of your skin.

How to double cleanse

For optimal cleansing of the skin, remove make-up and remove impurities with Beauty Milk then cleanse your skin with Royal Jelly .

The shea butter contained in the Beauty Milk gently dissolves your makeup and the Royal Jelly and its honeyed texture removes all impurities from your face to leave your skin fresh , perfectly clean and hydrated .

Why adopt this technique in summer?

Here are some very simple reasons to incorporate double cleansing into your routine, especially in summer:

Outdoor pollution

With the heat , pollution rises and is more present in summer . And because hanging out on the terrace and outside in general is more pleasant in summer than in winter, you are then more exposed to this external pollution , especially if you live in a big city .

The sweat

Sweating in summer is completely normal , however a buildup of sweat could irritate your skin and have a blocking effect on your pores. It is therefore essential to clean your skin effectively at the end of the day to remove all the accumulated sweat : double cleansing is perfect for this.

Chlorine or salt

What's better than swimming in summer? Whether in a swimming pool or in the sea , we all love this feeling of floating which allows us to cool off on the hottest days . However, salt and chlorine can ultimately dry out your skin . To avoid this, consider refreshing yourself with thermal water after swimming and adopt the double cleansing technique in the evening for fresh and always hydrated skin .

Leftover sunscreen

And finally you know that it is important to apply sunscreen every day of the year and even more during the summer . It is therefore important to remove all remaining sunscreens at the end of the day and for this, double cleaning is mandatory .

And you, what will be your reason for adopting double cleansing?

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