Adaptogenic plants: a treasure for your skin

Adaptogenic plants are a new category of plants which act on the adaptation capacity of the body or the skin in the face of negative external factors, whether environmental or other.
These plants are therefore real treasures for your skin since they give it incredible properties that transform it over time .

The central ingredient of the Orchid Gold range , Venus Slipper , is part of this category of plants . This plant grows at altitude , flowers in summer but resists the very cold temperatures of winter at altitude. It is therefore a robust plant which allows your skin to protect itself but also to be less fragile in the face of external and climatic changes .

By choosing the Venus Hoof , you are assured of protected skin , full of vitality , firmness but also smoothed and soothed .

So with Orchid Gold , a foolproof range , with a light floral scent that adapts to mature skin , take your skin to new heights !

Venus Hoof is an outstanding antioxidant that protects your skin and preserves it from external aggressions .

It is also a prodigious redensifier that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

A fantastic conditioner that revitalizes, soothes and gives you a healthy glow and finally, it is a fabulous firmer , age enhancer that reshapes the oval of your face.

Discover the Orchid Gold range to enjoy all the benefits of Venus Slipper and discover the magic of adaptogenic plants .

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