Pink October: Your skin under chemotherapy treatment

October: the pink month, that of women, of the fight against breast cancer... A symbolically full month during which Exertier and its exclusively female team do not abandon its mission of encouraging self-acceptance.

Female body

We could talk to you about a thousand and one topics in this article. But it seemed obvious to us to share with you the answers that we already provide privately to our clients in treatment.

Breast cancer treatments represent a daily battle that profoundly changes your body and mind. It is therefore important, in our eyes, to support you. Without advising you to put things into perspective, be positive or do meditation to get better. We know well that the reality is elsewhere.

This is why we are going to focus on our area of ​​expertise: your skin.

Recognize the side effects of chemotherapy on your skin

Whatever treatment you are following or have followed, you have surely noticed the appearance of disorders in your skin: redness, patches, intense dryness or even allergic reactions.

Among these disorders, skin rashes can occur and are characterized by the appearance of small pimples on the face, scalp, torso or even upper back.

Your complexion may also have evolved; becoming lighter or darker in places.


Little tips from Exertier

First of all, it is essential to monitor any signs of skin lesions in order to avoid the risk of infection. To do this, you will not be asked to examine yourself in front of your bathroom mirror every morning. Rather, it will be a question of taking additional precautions.

These precautions will serve not only to protect your skin as much as possible but also to promote your well-being. Indeed, having soft skin, a radiant complexion or simply a healthy glow, go a long way to improving your well-being.


Actions that can make a difference

  • Full showers limited to temperate water:

Taking showers with cool or even lukewarm water, while using a mild soap, are strongly recommended during anticancer treatment. However, avoid too many showers! Taking showers with warm water is very good, but limiting them to once a day is even better!

But what should I do if I need to wash again, for example, because of excessive sweating? To do this, simply replace the additional shower with a small toilet in areas sensitive to hygiene issues; such as intimate areas, hands, feet, face or even a sweating area.

To go further, you can use our Bee-Saving Soap from the Le Miracle du Miel range; a very gentle cold saponified soap that will suit your skin reactions.

Soap that saves bees

Face + Body | 12€

  • Optimal hydration:

Even if you limit your full showers, the treatment you are following may dry out your skin. To limit this dry skin, remember to moisturize your skin daily with suitable products. By suitable, we mean products without alcohol and also, far from corrosive detergents. Also, know that optimal hydration of the skin requires sufficient water intake; so don't forget to drink regularly!

Be careful, however, to keep your skin as dry as possible if your treatment gives you a moist skin reaction.

However, how to recognize a wet reaction of the skin? By alopecia areata your skin in thin areas and folds, causing body fluids to ooze and thus, moisture from your skin.

  • The moisturizing favorite of Exertier customers:

To help you in your choice of moisturizing product, we have decided to share with you our customers' favorites. In fact, several customers have told us that the Treatment Mask (link) from the Miracle du Miel Range was their ultimate comforting treatment during treatments.

Treatment Mask
Nourishing + Restorative | 50€

Based on Shea Butter, Organic Royal Jelly, French Alps Honey and Organic Rosehip Oil, this mask is perfect for intensely and gently hydrating and repairing your weakened skin. 

  • The +:

If you experience severe itching related to your treatment, you can massage the affected areas or rub them with a soft cloth to avoid any scratches or cuts.

In addition, if during your treatment you are allowed to expose yourself to the sun, be sure to use a sun protector with an index of 50 on your skin.

Exertier’s favorite products

Because beyond weakening your skin, anti-cancer treatments greatly weaken your nails and hair, at Exertier we have decided to share with you our little favorites to limit breakage.

Our recommendation for caring for your nails? Based on 98% ingredients of natural origin, the 3 in 1 silicon treatment for Nails from Same Cosmetics helps strengthen nails, limits splitting and breakage.

In addition, find our second favorite from Same Cosmetics, made up of 97% ingredients of natural origin: The Eyebrow and Eyelash Felt . This will quickly become your eye essential by reshaping, intensifying and fleshing out your eyebrows and eyelashes!

Finally, to forget your alopecia for a moment, discover the brand made in France:Les Franjynes . A brand of wigs, headwear and scarves adapted to alopecia and alopecia areata, while adapting to the regrowth of your hair.

Female Body

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