Why is honey the best ally for your sensitive skin?


Already elected as an essential in cosmetics (read here ), honey, otherwise called “nectar of the gods”, is particularly suitable for the most sensitive skin… but do you know why?

A brief overview of its benefits for your weakened skin.

1. Honey: a natural ingredient with unrivaled benefits

Soothing, healing, hydrating, emollient, purifying or even regenerating for mature skin... honey is a real benefactor for your skin prone to external aggression and which you can find in the different stages of your beauty routine; from cleanser, to cream, to serum, honey is an active ingredient present in all forms and thus makes it possible to avoid incompatibilities of components between two products, particularly harmful to sensitive skin.

Clean effectively and gently

Honey, being a particularly gentle natural active ingredient, helps relieve your redness and even out your complexion in the long term thanks to its soothing and anti-irritant properties ; a real must-have for sensitive skin requiring the gentlest ingredients when applied but also the least reactive.

Thanks to its cleansing action, the honey contained in your products will play an “antibacterial” role for your epidermis, purifying it and giving it a smoother appearance.

Honey and wife

Regenerate and hydrate

Rich in mineral salts, trace elements, amino and fatty acids, vitamins, as well as natural antibiotics, honey has high-quality regenerating properties and promotes your cell renewal.

Also equipped with a high water content thanks to its natural sugars, it allows optimal hydration of the skin; which is very important to maintain a radiant complexion and avoid dry skin.

Nourish deeply

Among its other main benefits, you will note suppleness and elasticity for your skin thanks to its deep nourishing action.

2. The healing nectar of the gods

As you may have noticed in our previous point, honey has multiple and varied virtues that are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Among them, one has not been mentioned and yet it is from this one that honey gets its other name “nectar of the gods”.

What supreme benefit can you derive from the nectar of the gods?

Quite simply, a healing action! By being soothing and antibacterial, honey has real healing properties to deal with burns and small superficial wounds since Antiquity.

However, among its many varieties and floral origins, the characteristics and benefits of honey are evolving; so you can always find one that meets your needs. From acacia honey to almond honey and chestnut honey, each has its own virtues.

Honey and spoon

But what about the high-altitude honey used by Exertier?

3. At Exertier, a specialized range: Le Miracle du Miel

If we present to you the importance of honey in your special skincare routine for sensitive skin as well as our products, it is because at Maison Exertier we have been able to observe its excellent results up close. At the origin of a range, called Le Miracle du Miel , Exertier tends to promote the main active ingredient which is this but also its integration into your cosmetic care.

Why specifically choose Exertier honey?

The main active ingredient in our range, Le Miracle du Miel, high-altitude honey is a unique active ingredient of its kind because it can only be found at Exertier. Coming from local cultivation at high altitude, it is characterized by a healthy environment far from air pollution which gives it an unrivaled richness in amino acids and trace elements, as well as a high level of fructose and a high concentration of glucose oxidase. Active with multiple benefits for your sensitive skin, continue reading to discover the miracles of our high-altitude honey. A timeless asset that you will find, for example, in our Oil of the Peaks , with plumping + radiant actions.

As restorative, hydrating, protective as a source of radiance, our honey comes in all its forms to accompany you daily in your beauty ritual. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen already present in your skin, activates your tissue repair and promotes your cellular respiration, while gently treating your redness, scales, irritations and any other problems characteristic of your sensitive skin.

How to integrate our honey into your routine?

For complete cleaning, turn to: our Soap that saves bees or again, our Royal jelly .

In terms of nourishing and relaxing action, we advise you to use our Huile du Refuge , as well as our Treatment Mask .

And if you're tired of dull complexion, consider our Light cream to apply daily morning and evening .

4. Bonus: An essential ally for your skin and nature

Sunflower and bee

Finally, because it is natural and comes from beekeeping, honey is an ally as much for your skin as for the environment. It promotes the protection of bees and, more generally, biodiversity. In fact, bees participate in around 80% of the pollination of plant species; an essential and yet little-known job.

By integrating their harvest into its products, Exertier highlights the vital role of bees. Thus, by choosing products based on natural ingredients such as honey, you can become aware of your environmental impact and therefore make it evolve positively.

Want to know more about what it means to use Exertier products?

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