The guide to hydration for sensitive skin

Each beauty routine has its steps not to be missed!

For sensitive skin that is radiant and invigorated, remember above all to moisturize it well.

However, how can you recognize sensitive, well-hydrated skin? Plump with a fresh and luminous complexion, skin that shines on the outside. Far from peeling and not very sensitive to itching, well-hydrated skin is synonymous with soothed redness with skin less sensitive to temperature changes.

Now that you know how to recognize it, what products and treatments should you give it for maximum hydration, all year round?

With its hydration guide for sensitive skin, Maison Exertier is here to help you!

When internal hydration is your BA BA

We can never tell you this enough; drinking enough water throughout the day is the start of well-hydrated skin and body.

Specifically, professionals agree that approximately 1.5L of daily water intake (infusion, green tea, water alone) is necessary, to speak of good hydration for an adult human body.

However, don't decide to do the camel and then make up for it by drinking a full container of water before going to bed; it is strongly recommended to distribute this quantity of water ingested throughout the day.

Our advice?

No more bad excuses for not drinking... Take your bottle, flask or mug everywhere with you!

Water bottle

Hydration that goes into your food

Sometimes it's difficult to drink all day, lack of time, something unexpected, you don't think about it anymore... In this case, don't panic! You can always compensate with a diet rich in water. Indeed, drinking water is good but supplementing it by consuming hydrating foods is even better! To do this, nothing could be simpler than choosing hyper-hydrating fruits and vegetables.


From tomatoes to citrus fruits, strawberries or even melon and watermelon, you will inevitably find a food to your liking to stay well hydrated! However, be aware that the richest in water remains the cucumber, which is made up of 97% water; However, avoid taking it as a cure because the best thing is a varied diet.

To give yourself a little help, we recommend that you take treatment food supplements based on hyaluronic acid ; an active ingredient naturally present in the skin which permanently regenerates for a healthy glow and ever more supple skin.

What moisturizing actions can be taken to ward off external aggressions?

Sensitive skin is the most subject to external aggression: weather and sudden temperature changes, air pollution in cities, wearing a mask that irritates... many factors synonymous with tight skin and a dull complexion. Also note, components such as alcohol, perfumes, sulfates and even essential oils.

To remedy these inconveniences that surround you daily, remember above all to protect your skin well in the morning and to pamper it deeply when you can.

To do this, adopt a comforting dry oil in your morning and evening beauty routine.

For example, Top Oil is an oil enriched with Aronia extract ( ARONIA MELANOCARPA FRUIT EXTRACT) which protects the skin from pollution. Coupled with jojoba oil, French Alpine honey and butterfly lavender, this active ingredient provides plumping and radiant properties.

In addition, make a real wellness appointment with yourself on the weekends, repairing and nourishing your damaged skin. Our recommendation: Treatment Mask which promises you a moment of cocooning and timeless relaxation.

Treetop Oil and Treatment Mask

Sensitivity: Adapted care ranges

Cream and lemons

Finally, make sure to use cosmetic ranges adapted to your sensitive skin. The more you turn to dermatological and natural products, the more your skin will receive gentle care that respects it.

However, given the quantity of creams and other products on the market, it is not easy to know exactly which ones to turn to. To best help you in your choice, we advise you to carry out, in advance, your Skin Diagnostic available on our site.

And to go further, do not hesitate to consult the list of ingredients banned from Exertier formulas. Also, find out which treatments are best suited to your skin type by referring to the complete list of our products .

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