Supporting your skin during menopause

In a woman's life, many stages matter and profoundly change, whether it be her body or her emotions.

Among the range of these key moments, there is notably the menopause that the blogger, Natacha Dzikowski was able to correctly label it as: “neither an illness nor a pathology”.

Taking up his idea of ​​a menopause without taboos and perfectly welcomed, today it is our turn to talk to you about it, following our beauty expertise!


But first, what is menopause?

Hormonal change following a cessation of the ovarian cycle, menopause generally arrives around the age of 50 and will both disrupt your affect and weaken your skin. However, with an adequate reception of it, between positivism and precautions, there is no reason to have a bad experience with this stage which is nothing other than natural and biological.

So, how can you welcome your menopause?

We will answer you in this article by explaining to you, on the one hand, the consequences of menopause on your skin and on the other hand, how to take care of your newly weakened skin.

  • Be aware of the consequences of menopause on your skin

In the process of stopping the functioning of the ovarian cycle, menopause will stop the activity of the woman's different sex hormones. It is important to note that these sex hormones have an essential role in the optimal maintenance of your skin, contributing to its hydration, suppleness, regeneration and firmness. This is why, when their work stops, your skin suffers various and varied consequences. These include hot flashes, weight gain and even mood disorders.

Female body

Additionally, since hormones are no longer able to take care of your skin, skin symptoms will also start to appear. From loss of hydration, elasticity or even firmness, to skin dryness, your menopausal skin is characterized by a lack of water content, collagen and a slower healing capacity, following a dermis which becomes less dense and therefore more striking. To clarify, the lack of hydration of the skin and its fragility will tend to dry out your skin and can cause acne, rosacea or even breakouts to appear.

How to cherish your skin weakened by this hormonal change?

  • The right actions for menopausal skin full of vitality
Care Lotion
To allow your skin to regain suppleness and firmness, you can turn to cosmetics enriched with hyaluronic acid which will strengthen your skin barrier and play an anti-inflammatory role. As such, we can only recommend the Care Lotion ! A concentrate of hyaluronic acid, Venus Slipper and Jojoba oil for an antioxidant, rebalancing and hydrating effect on your menopausal skin.

Furthermore, we recommend that you use products containing: antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals or even trace elements. On the one hand, this facilitates the hydration of your skin and on the other hand, prevents you from a deficiency of good nutrients.

However, be careful not to choose products with too disparate compositions; a bad mixture could cause skin reactions and put you back to square one or even worsen the condition of your skin.

This is why at this level, we advise you to use a second product from the Or de l'Orchidée range which will have a composition similar to the Care Lotion: The Care Cream . Compared to the first, this one is a product based on Argan Oil (active ingredient rich in vitamin E).
Care cream
Beauty milk

In addition, for a real “shield” effect against your weakened skin, choose products rich in Aloe Vera, such as Beauty milk . Thanks to an action that protects your hypolipid film (i.e. the first layer of your skin), Aloe Vera will allow your skin to regain firmness and thus be less reactive.

Finally, since menopause also has an impact on your blood circulation, it is advisable to massage it daily, in order to facilitate the circulation of your blood. This can be done using tools like Gua Sha French Aging which, in addition to helping you with your facial massage, will also fight against sagging skin, refine your skin texture and smooth your fine lines and wrinkles.

Gua Sha French Aging

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