Compliment day

And yes, today is compliment day , compliments which are often , we must admit, on our physical appearance .

But Exertier knows it and you know it too, we are much more than physical .

So on this day that we do n't hear enough about , we invite you to give lots of compliments about who you are and not what you look like .

Because yes, beauty is interior and exterior , but sometimes taking a break from our appearance and focusing on ourselves , our interior beauty , is not bad too .

Compliments are extremely important for self-confidence . They can be focused on character traits , qualities , skills , services or achievements , behavior , vision of things , etc.

Beyond self-confidence, compliments are good for your health , since being healthy is above all feeling good . Compliments cause a feeling of psychological well-being and promote a positive state of mind , in short they are beneficial for those who give them and those who receive them!

happy woman pink balloon

You also get a boost in dopamine , the pleasure and anti-fatigue hormone, when you receive compliments, so why deprive yourself of it?

However, physical compliments can be flattering , but also destabilizing because they can put a certain amount of pressure on the shoulders of the person receiving it.

So why not focus on qualities other than physical ones?

A few compliments to stock up on good energy:

I like who you are

You have a unique world view

You are irreplaceable

You are brave

You are enterprising

You are strong

You deserve everything that happens to you

I admire you

You are important

You are clever

You are fascinating

You are creative

You are talented

You can be proud of yourself

You have a beautiful personality

More people should be like you

You are perfect just the way you are

I like your originality

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We challenge you to get into the habit of giving one compliment a day to anyone you wish , and you will see: it feels good!

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