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Each brand has its flagship products… are you sure? What if it wasn’t rather: “each team worker has THEIR treasure”? You have varied preferences, more or less meticulous beauty routines, preferred textures and ingredients that adapt to your personal needs... In the Exertier team, each of our members also has their opinion to give! So, curious to discover the treasures of our team? Head below to unravel the mystery.

Camille. M

Hello Camille!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what your role is at Exertier?

Hi Charlotte!

My name is Camille Mollon and I have been working at Exertier for almost a year and I hold the position of “Business Developer” in the South-East region. I will have several missions such as developing sales, boosting and retaining points of sale, I can also have managerial missions with recruitment.

OK ! Can you tell me what your favorite product is from Exertier; the one you always take with you when you go?

Treetop oil
My favorite product is really Huile des Cimes ; it's the one who follows me everywhere, who meets all my expectations. It leaves my skin supple and soft. The jojoba oil inside has a sebum-regulating side and prevents shine, while deeply hydrating my skin.

It's true that I love this product because I can use it on my face as well as on my neckline and on my body (which happens when I leave and forget my body cream). Most often I use it alone but, depending on the needs of my skin, I sometimes use it mixed with my day cream.

Thank you very much Camille!

Nina. L

Hello Nina!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what you are responsible for at Exertier?

Hello Charlotte, I am a sales manager at Exertier.

Okay, and can you tell me what your favorite product is from Exertier? If you had to take just one to the end of the world, which one would you go with?

If I had to take just one, it would be the Royal jelly .

Since we released it, I can't live without it! So, basically, I'm a fan of cleansing oils, I find that they're really the most effective.

Royal jelly

Did you give up the cleansing oils for the jelly?

Imagine that yes, I only use Exertier Royal Jelly. Because it's an oil that removes makeup very well, but also what I particularly like is that it rinses off easily. You have a lot of oil today that leaves a greasy finish, and this is really not the case. What I also love about jelly is its transformative side. On contact with water it transforms into milk, it provides great cleansing which leaves the skin very soft and the smell is just crazy!

So, big crush on Royal Jelly for you!?

Completely ! Big big crush… we love it!!

And do you use it alone, or do you mix it with other products sometimes?

I'm going to use it as part of a little routine that I love. The jelly to remove make-up and cleanse my skin and then I apply the Huile des Cimes or the Light Cream depending on the period or the needs of my skin.

Thank you very much Nina!

Stephanie. J

Hello Stephanie!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what you are responsible for at Exertier?

Let me introduce myself, Stéphanie, I am 36 years old, almost 37, I have been the administrative and financial manager of the Exertier laboratory for 3 years. I have a very versatile role since I take care of production as well as human resources, accounting and legal matters. I get to work on lots of different subjects and that’s what’s very interesting. I'm on a very 360 position in fact! 

OK !

Can you tell me what your favorite product is at Exertier? If you had to take just one to the end of the world, which one would you go with?

Care Lotion
I'll take the Treatment Lotion! Whether in terms of smell or in terms of textures, I am absolutely a fan. I find that it is neither too liquid nor too thick, it has this creamy side that I really like. In fact, it is between a milk and a hydrosol, and I find that this texture is really perfect. In the summer when it's very hot and I still need to moisturize my skin, the lotion is enough for me.

Okay, so in the summer you don't apply any cream at all, so you use the Care Lotion as a “single” treatment?

Exactly, I don't need to use cream actually! That’s what’s quite extraordinary! When you go on vacation and you don't want to overload yourself, in any case I really try to limit the products I take, it's perfect because it's a multi-function product.

I find that this lotion, which is very essence-like with this slightly gel-like texture, is crazy because it stays on your skin without being greasy or sticky. For me, it's really the product that I love and it's the only one that I finish until the end without seeing the jar go by.

You know, sometimes you reach the end of your pot of cream and say to yourself: “ I can't wait to finish it so I can make a change ”, and here I don't have that subject. Maybe I even use too much because I love the product! I think I'm a little too generous you see! (Laughs)

Charlotte. M

Hello Charlotte!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what you are responsible for at Exertier?

I'm Charlotte, I'm the digital marketing manager at Exertier. Basically my job is to manage everything related to digital, it goes from the website to the newsletter via social networks and branded content, I am the “literary geek” of the team like Julie like to say it!

Alright !

Can you tell me what your favorite product is at Exertier?

So the product that I could never do without and that I recommend whenever I can is the Treatment Mask . It's really my favorite product, already for the smell which takes me back to my childhood, I love it so much. Then, I use it constantly for my little sores, my pimple scars, to regain a nice complexion, ... Sometimes even as a night cream to have hyper-plumped skin the next morning.
Care mask

It really is my miracle treatment and once again this smell is just crazy. I even put some on the tips of my fingers and the tip of my nose just before bed, to feel super relaxed!

Oh yes ? It’s really your SOS and cocooning product in fact!

That’s exactly it… Ultimate cocooning!

Great ! Thank you Charlotte!

Johanna. L

Hello Johanna!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me what you are responsible for at Exertier?

I am Johanna, I arrived at Exertier in May 2021 as an intern and I am responsible for communications. I take care of everything related to graphics. I do a lot of creativity as a result! I also take care of all Exertier social networks and the website.

Ok super interesting! Can you tell me what your favorite product is from Exertier?

Care cream

My favorite product is Care Cream from the l’Or de l’Orchidee range .

For me, it's really a cream that is suitable for my dry and slightly dehydrated skin. The fact that it is highly concentrated in oil, it really hydrates my skin and nourishes it perfectly so for me it is ideal.

What I really like is that it doesn't leave a greasy film!

I use it morning and evening, and I realized that over the days my skin had really improved and was softer than before!

Afterwards I love the smell and the texture it's just a pure joy to apply it!

Great ! Thank you Johanna!

Charlotte. HAS

Hello Charlotte!

Can you tell me what you do at Exertier?

Hi Nina!

I am a business developer at Exertier, I take care of the South-West region on a commercial level. I also do small editorial tasks too, with articles and interviews, particularly for the beauty journal on our website.

This time we're doing a cross-interview since you're the one asking the questions!

That's it ! We swap roles for a quick question I wanted to ask you. Can you tell me what your favorite product is from Exertier?

My favorite product is clearly the Great Care !

For me it's really the most complete product, a 3 in 1 hybrid treatment which is lotion, serum and cream all at the same time. It's mega hydrating and mega antioxidant, which is definitely what I need. What I particularly like are the little natural pearls which leave the complexion luminous, radiant and slightly iridescent, which is stunning.

Great care

It's true that I have fairly dark skin and I'm not a fan of makeup, and here I can tell you that with great care I don't wear makeup at all because it almost acts as a bb cream: it will blur my little imperfections, smooth my complexion while giving me that touch of light.

For me it is perfect; it gives me what I need in terms of care and besides that if I want to “pimp” my complexion a little I just put a little blush on the cheekbones, some mascara and off I go!

It's great ! And so you use it alone, you don't mix it with any serum or cream, because you realize that you don't need anything else?

Soap that Saves Bees
Exactly ! I do my skin cleansing, favoring double cleansing in the evening with beauty milk and Royal Jelly or Soap that saves bees which I also love. In the morning I do a simple cleanse with Royal Jelly. Behind I only put the Grand Soin, that is to say I do not go through the serum + cream stage since it is a 3 in 1 treatment!

I admit that it's super practical when I go on weekends because it greatly reduces my toiletry bag and therefore my suitcase, which is not negligible because I'm incapable of traveling light!

That's it ! Finally, it's the product we need for our vacations or long weekends!

Exactly ! For me and for my suitcase the Great Care without hesitation!

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