The miracle that is honey

The Miracle of Honey is not a myth but a reality supported by science .

This substance, known and recognized for its incredible properties, has continued to be used by different civilizations over the centuries .

For thousands of years , honey has been used in the production of medicines , for food preparations as a sweetener but also in beauty treatments .

These numerous properties give it various impressive powers used in different contexts.

In food for example, for a sweetening power equal to sugar, with fewer calories . But honey is also beneficial for many other things ...

Its antibacterial power

Its healing properties constitute a real enigma . Honey systematically cleanses all major scratches or wounds by calming them, making them clean and soothed .

Honey is used in particular for burns or skin trauma . This nourishing natural product with curative action leads to excellent healing and acts deep in the skin.

Exertier beehives

Its healing power

By regularly applying honey to a wound, several scientific tests demonstrate the observation of total healing of the wound with less scarring .

When used in hospitals to treat very large wounds, honey causes spectacular healing in 90% of cases .

Woman relaxing in bathroom

So why deprive yourself of it?

Honey , this treasure , is an exceptional and indisputable ingredient both for your food and for your cosmetic products .

By choosing mountain honey , far from any pollution , Exertier bottles, jars and flasks the best of mountain honey to repair , nourish and bring radiance to your skin thanks to the Le Miracle du Miel range.

Le Miracle du Miel bathroom range

Because yes, it is not a utopia to draw a parallel between honey and a miracle.

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