What is good sun protection?

3 questions for Raphaël Vannier, co-founder of SeventyOne Percent

You know the movement created by Exertier du French Aging : a movement that supports women so that they can take responsibility and shine. To be on top at any age, good sun protection is essential. We asked three questions for you to Raphaël Vannier, the co-founder of SeventyOne Percent , the reference clean sun protection!

How important is it to wear sun protection?

In SeventyOne Percent , we do not like to broach the subject of solar energy by speaking of danger, preferring a positive speech on the challenges of choosing a sun protection adapted to the sunshine, its environment and its skin type. The skincare market is mature enough today to know that sun exposure , regardless of the phototype, without effective protection generates painful sunburn but above all long-term cancer risks (melanomas, carcinomas) and accelerated skin aging . Not cool then. That said, brands have a very important role to play in the pedagogy around sun protection because even if the dangers are very real, it is generally young people who do not pay attention to their exposure. Up to us to find the right messages !

Raphaël Vannier, co-fondateur de SeventyOne Percent What is a committed SPF?

Very good question ! A committed SPF is not not just a formula but a finished product . The packaging , the quality , the manufacturing locations , the source of raw materials , the brand mission who markets it ... Commitment is a fight and convictions that apply to each stage of the life of a product and that we apply to the extent possible. To answer the question and speak formula, the bias of SeventyOne Percent for committed sun protection, is based on 2 major criteria: the choice of filters and the water resistance . Indeed, beyond the effectiveness of solar products and the need to offer ingredients Clean Beauty we must take into account the impact of solar products on the environment . As surfers, respect for our playground has always been one of our essential prerequisites. It is very difficult for consumers to navigate today so you have to opt for a clear and evolving discourse , because if we cannot claim to preserve the oceans we can try to minimize our impact as much as possible . A choice of filters identified as CLEAN by industry for consumers as for marine ecosystems as well as a very high water resistance for minimize product dilution in water . However, there are other solar needs that do not require the same type of formulations. For example, 100% mineral is not for everyone the best option for a day by a pool. There are pleasures, clean beauty and committed SPFs from the beach to the city.

How to choose the right sun protection?

My recommendations for choosing a sunscreen product would be:

Avoid them filters :

To be noted in the compositions: oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene. The first substance, also called benzophenone-3, is used as an ultraviolet filter and suspected to be a endocrine disruptor . The second, called in French Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate. The third, allergenic, is also suspected of being PE.

No nanoparticles !

We sometimes come across sun products that are 100% mineral filters that leave no white mark. This is the benefit of nanoparticles ... but the risk for the health and the coral bleaching are very real. watch out for superfluous marketing promises.

Side clues ...

Favor the very high protection and the high protection either indices ranging from SPF50 + at SPF30 .

No cosmetophobia

Don't be afraid of chemical filters or mineral + organic filter complexes . They cover a wide UVA / UVB spectrum and offer a sensoriality and a finish that mineral filters cannot currently offer. On the other hand, choose mineral filters for aquatic activities .

Choose ...

Of (very!) water resistant products and apply your sunscreen before going out ! This is the basis.

Textures level ...

For the textures, they will match your needs. The invisible as oils are pleasure products not really intended for swimming and whiter and / or colored finishes such as our sticks (which can be an obstacle for some) are also symbols that highlight your convictions as consumers #PRIDETOPROTECT !Vague océan seventyonepercent

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