The anti-stain treasure of the Alps

63% of spots are due to the sun, 13% to aging. But not all of them are alike.

Looking for the best anti-stain serum?

To find it, we would already have to understand our skin.

Pigment spots are a change in the normal color of the skin, often associated with aging skin. Tasks can have different factors.

They are often due to strong exposure to the sun, but also to a hormonal change (pregnancy, menopause), or to certain inflammatory diseases.

At Exertier we found the ingredient as natural as it is effective to reduce stains. The Lancéolé Plantain , from the mountain to the care. The Lancéolé Plantain ( Plantago lanceolata ) is a very resistant plant which one finds on the paths of Savoy, up to 2200m of altitude. It was during her hikes in the heart of Savoie that Julie discovered the benefits of this plant with extraordinary virtues . A real Proust madeleine for Julie, the Lancéolé plantain sends him back to his childhood memories. When she fell, or came to be stung, her Grandmother applied plantain leaves to her to relieve these irritations. From this tender gesture, Julie was able to draw the calming power of the plantain. But that's not the only secret this plant holds. Plantain Lancéolé has extraordinary properties.

What are its effects ?

In addition to its soothing effects, lanceolate plantain also acts on the skin. Recent studies have confirmed its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. On the skin, it will smooth it out and restore its elasticity. After 1 month application, the skin regains 30% more of its firmness and 25% of its elasticity. * The lanceolate plantain is also an anti-stain corrector. After 2 months of application, the tasks are much clearer. * studies carried out on 56 female volunteers of average age 62.5 years (52 to 75 years), with visible signs of aging (sagging skin and spots of senescence) applied twice a day for 2 months a cream containing 2% lanceolate plantain on the face and back of the hand versus placebo. Single blind studies. Plantain Lancéolé extract, rich in flavonoids and tannins, stimulates the synthesis of skin fibers and prevents their degradation. It reduces the appearance of pigment spots, unifies and restores light to your skin.

Our Global Serum, the perfect ally for our return to school.

Ultra care concentrated in active ingredients , it acts globally on all the signs of aging: Pigmentary spot, wrinkles, fine lines, lack of firmness. The Global Exertier Serum is a highly concentrated treatment combining the antioxidant benefits of the star active ingredient Orchid Gold with the firming and correcting properties of pro-collagen, organic grape seed oil and Plantain Lancéolé with anti-stain properties. Unifying the complexion through its corrective action on pigment spots, it also reduces wrinkles and slows down the loss of firmness.

Its main ingredients:

Orchid Gold : Nutritious, restorative, anti-oxidant

Pro-Collagen : improves the appearance of the skin, restores vitality and firmness

The Lancéolé Plantain : anti dark spots, complexion unifier

The Organic Grapeseed Oil : anti-oxidant, re-lipid and nutritious.

Advice : to minimize the appearance of dark spots as much as possible, consider protecting your skin against the sun's rays with sun care (SPF).

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