The pro-aging philosophy: discover Exertier's French Aging

The age of aging well: what is pro-aging?

Admit, you scrutinize them, you watch them, you hunt them down for the marks of time on your skin.
Society places considerable weight on the age of women.
Anti-aging is the number 1 segment of cosmetics: it is an issue on which skincare brands are surfing. Prevent, smooth, hide small skin imperfections, erase the marks of aging ... Is this one of your skin concerns? We are entering this frantic race against time earlier and earlier.
Technically, the first fine lines occur around the age of 30, mainly due to dehydration. The hydrolipidic film that protects our skin is damaged by reducing the production of sebum. The skin dries up, loses its suppleness and elasticity. Spots and wrinkles can then appear, the complexion becomes blurred and sagging begins. It is a completely natural phenomenon. Because of the stereotypical and unrealistic images we have long seen in the media, these changes can cause anxiety and can affect morale and self-esteem.
Only there you go, we can't stop time , and we only have one life. So rather than engaging in a hand-to-hand war against yourself and the inevitable, why not radically change your strategy and take a more realistic and above all more positive and benevolent path?

Le French Aging

At Exertier, through our French Aging movement, we claim the right to age well. For natural, French-style, healthy and uninhibited beauty. This movement is part of the same “body positive” and “pro-aging” approach and reflects a real desire to take responsibility as we are, today, tomorrow and in the years to come. . Joining the pro-aging revolution means:
  • Reconnect to your emotions,
  • Learn to accept yourself, to appreciate these brands that tell our story and make us unique
  • Take care of yourself and your skin by nourishing it properly with clean and suitable products
  • Cultivate self-love and you can feel beautiful whatever the circumstances.
Ultimately, the phenomenon of aging is only physiological. Living peacefully means feeling good in your body and good in your head. Good health, on the other hand, begins with a free and calm mind. No more compromises, no more lies, but a real choice of life, decided in all lucidity and in complete freedom. Let's go to the things that we think are good for us. Let us accept ourselves as we are on the outside in order to be more in tune with what we are on the inside. Let’s transform this shame of aging into pride in being yourself, into pride in being beautiful at any age. This is the pro-aging revolution.
Dare this happy metamorphosis. You are infinitely free and beautiful!

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