Exertier supports the Ferme de Losse

As you know, Exertier is above all the story of a family in love with the Alps.

Respect for nature and love of the Alps are central values ​​for our founder Julie.

She shares these values ​​with Élodie and David, two Savoyard farmers who have a meaningful project that we wanted to share with you.

It is in the heart of our beautiful Savoie, in Traize, that the pretty Ferme de Losse is nestled .

Losse farm

Élodie and David moved there in 2017 , convinced that peasant agriculture is the solution to offering consumers quality gourmet food .

Like us, they want to take care of nature but also of consumers by offering natural and responsible products.

It is therefore quite natural that Exertier supports their crowdfunding campaign : “A cheese factory for the Ferme de Losse” , launched at the beginning of January.

Losse Farm Goat Farm

La Ferme de Losse is a magnificent 10 hectare plot of forest and meadows, a large premises of 43 m2, and a goat farm motivated to provide the best cheeses in the region.

With the money from the campaign, they would like to equip the cheese factory, with a processing workshop, an airlock, but also a shop.

Losse farm

They choose a farm and natural cheese-making practice that respects the environment.

Of course Élodie and David practice animal-friendly breeding. They take great care of their goats: they listen to them and take good care of them. Their goal is to soon obtain the Nature et Progrès label.

Losse Farm Goat Farm

Supporting this project means committing to a project that is based on respect for animals, the environment and humans.

It also means encouraging the manufacturing of natural , healthy and good products that perpetuate the richness of our terroirs.

After 3 weeks of campaigning, they collected more than 10,000 euros, which allows them to store the milk in a cool place in the best conditions.

But they still need you to reach the goal of 15,000 euros.

Losse farm

-> With already a share or an email to your friends you are already helping this beautiful project to see the light of day!
->With just 5 euros you directly contribute to developing a magnificent local project!

All donations are welcome and great gourmet and festive rewards are offered to you!

If you spend 30 euros for example, Élodie and David offer you 3 farmhouse cheeses!

If you pay them 50 euros, you are invited to have an aperitif with them on the farm !

A romantic weekend at the farm is even offered to you for a higher amount.

Losse Farm Goat Farm

Support sustainable agriculture that respects nature and living things.
Up to you !
Élodie and David are counting on you!

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