Why isn't the slugging trend good for your skin?

A trend that recently popped up on Instagram is slugging . It is a practice which consists of wrapping your skin with a thick layer of vaseline to rehydrate it and make it glow .

Although many people praise this trend, it is far from being beneficial for all skin types and for all uses .

The risks of slugging

In fact, wrapping the skin in an oily substance such as petroleum jelly, based on petroleum jelly , would give the skin a shiny and “healthy” appearance. However, in many cases , this occlusive material would likely lead to the appearance of pimples , redness , dilation of pores , development of blackheads and in short, an increase in the appearance of blemishes .

Skin slugging

Applying oil to the skin is actually not such a good idea . Vaseline is an extremely occlusive and comedogenic product for facial skin. You therefore risk ending up with skin that is far from clear and with many imperfections .

In the long term, the skin can also lose moisture if the only substance used to hydrate it is petroleum jelly . The effect obtained would then be the opposite of the desired effect and this technique could in reality alter the quality of your skin and cause new problems .

But what to do ?

The problem in this practice is not the practice of slugging itself but rather the product used , being vaseline , and the precautions to take into account which are not highlighted enough .

To carry out this practice and for it to benefit your skin, use a moisturizing , nourishing but non- comedogenic product .

The Treatment Mask is a soothing and comforting mask with high altitude honey.
It is therefore perfect for slugging : it wraps your skin in a nourishing veil of great softness , without being comedogenic to repair your skin and plump it .

Its creamy texture and sweet smell of honey and almond promise you a cocooning moment .

How to do it ?

Apply a thin layer of Treatment Mask before sleeping.
Applying a layer of product, ensuring that it is thin, will allow your skin to be gently hydrated without being overloaded . This will also prevent potential stains on the pillow that could form overnight .

The recommended duration of this hydration treatment should not exceed one week to avoid the creation of imperfections due to too much nutrition.

In short

Slugging is a practice that allows the skin to be soft , regain all its radiance and hydrate it as much as possible. However, this practice carries some minor risks for your skin, so the key is to use a suitable product , in sufficient quantity. and for a specific period of time to see the best possible results on your skin . Also remember to avoid the eye area. Choose Eye Care to take care of this delicate area.

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