How to take care of your eye area?

The eye area is a very delicate area of ​​the face . It requires special care and the use of very specific products .

The skin being particularly thin in this area of ​​the face and lacking the presence of sebaceous glands , it is essential to moisturize it without overdoing it at the risk of creating some irregularities .

What are the actions to avoid?

When applying rich , purifying or exfoliating products , be sure to avoid this area to preserve it and not dry it out further at the risk of creating fine lines and wrinkles which, once they appear, would be irreversible .
Also note that too much hydration in this area could lead to the appearance of small pimples also called “milium spots”.

What are the actions to adopt?

Appropriate hydration with products suitable for this sensitive area close to the eyes is therefore necessary . To do this, turn to natural products with plumping and moisturizing properties .

The Eye Care is a treatment perfectly suited to the eye contours . It plumps up thanks to its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and moisturizes perfectly thanks to the honey it contains.

Wearing sunglasses during prolonged exposure to the sun is also a must .
We know well that exposure to the sun causes premature skin aging . So by wearing sunglasses , you delay this aging and protect the elasticity and rebound of this area.

Not being hydrated by your body itself and to seal in hydration, do not hesitate to apply reusable patches above your Eye Care to boost the benefits of the product applied and reinforce its effects.

Textured Eye Care

Little extras to know

Here are some tips from our beauty experts:

  • Apply your eye contour with your ring finger . It is the finger that has the least strength and therefore allows you to apply your treatment while preserving this fragile area.
  • Apply your Eye Care with small, gentle taps to make it penetrate without creasing the eyes
  • Apply your Eye Care to the outside of your eye contour and to the top of your cheekbones . By applying it in this way, the product will be absorbed rising to the eye contour by capillary action .

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