The best homemade infusions

Nothing like a good home brew to end the day gently and warmly before going to sleep.
Infusions have very distinct effects depending on the plants chosen to make them.
Generally speaking, they promote digestion , falling asleep time , stress and anxiety .

Here are our recommendations for homemade infusions, which do not require multiple ingredients . So enjoy your cups!

For beautiful skin

The beautiful and little-known mauve is a plant recommended for sensitive skin , due to its soothing effect . This plant strengthens the most sensitive skin and allows it to reduce its reactions to external aggressions .

To make this infusion, nothing could be simpler :
Pour 1.5 to 2 g of dry mallow per cup of hot water.
Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and enjoy .
Note that the recommended daily dose is 5g per day .

purple flower

For digestion

To relieve bloating and minor digestion problems , rely on the virtues of thyme infusion . Thyme herbal tea is a little-known but formidable solution to combat bloating. So go get some fresh air in the southern scrubland to stock up on fresh thyme and benefit from the properties of this plant.

However, remember not to exceed 3 consecutive weeks of treatment with thyme herbal tea since this drink could prove irritating if taken in too large a quantity and for too long.

Once again a very simple recipe: infuse thyme in boiling water and that's it!
Add a slice of lemon to boost its effects and a touch of honey for taste

thyme infusion

For falling asleep

In a zero waste dynamic , we of course think of orange peel , which has soothing properties . So, to boost the quality of your sleep , prepare an infusion made from lime blossom and orange peels . This pleasantly scented blend will promote restful sleep .

How to prepare this infusion? Put the equivalent of a cup of water to boil .
Grate the peel of an orange , being careful not to exceed a spoon and a half in terms of quantity. Let it boil and infuse for 10 minutes , turn off the heat, add a few dried lime leaves and let it sit for 5 minutes , filter and enjoy .

orange infusion

For stress

A well-known ally against stress : lavender . This plant is said to be as effective as Valium, a powerful anxiolytic, against stress and anxiety. So you might as well take advantage of it!

For one cup, count 1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers (or one tablespoon of fresh lavender flowers ), steep the flowers for about 10 minutes in the equivalent of a teapot of boiling water . Filter and sweeten with honey , this is optional.

lavender lemon infusion

You now know everything about our homemade herbal teas, do you approve of them?

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