Julie Exertier's bathroom essentials

If this period has taught us one thing, it is to know how to recognize the essential in our daily lives. Without access to her usual favorite products and accessories, Julie had to adapt to the moment by finding alternatives to her beauty essentials. On April 29, Julie shared all her ideas during an Instagram live. Whether you missed it or need a refresher, this article is for you!

We always start by cleansing the skin with an oily or fatty product.

The number 1 essential in Julie's routine is undoubtedly double cleansing and this step begins with an oily product. It's a moment that we take to massage our face while removing makeup and pollution particles . For those who don't like products that leave their skin oily, know that 2-phase products exist. They have an oily phase and a milky phase which is activated when water passes through, which prevents it from leaving a greasy effect on the skin. Julie is currently using the Wild Rose Delicate Makeup Remover Oil from Pai , which is perfect for her sensitive skin and which she massages onto her face for 30 seconds. Its smell is just divine! The economical alternative: You can use hazelnut oil, jojoba oil (especially if you have dry skin) or sweet almond oil for this step. Please note that there is no difference between cosmetic oils and edible oils provided that the oil is organic and has been cold pressed (a heated oil loses quality). Taking these criteria into account, any oil will do!

We finish the cleaning with a 2nd aqueous product

The ideal for this second step is to find a non-astringent product that does not “strip” the skin. Julie is currently using Prescription Lab's Facial Cleansing Gel with rose water and aloe vera, which is a very delicate foaming product, 98% natural and very pleasant on the skin. The economical alternative: Julie recommends the Fleur de Vigne Cleansing Foam from Caudalie at €13.90 for 150mL. You can even find a completely respectable composition at Monoprix with the Skin Cleansing Foam from their range at €5.69 for 150mL. In summary: double cleansing is truly a must-do for a good beauty routine. In the morning, there is much less need to cleanse the skin because the skin rebuilds itself during the night. So, for the morning routine , floral water can be sufficient ( Sanoflore offers several for example). However, you must ensure that this water does not contain surfactants .

We rinse the products with mineral water

This is the step that finalizes the cleaning. Instead of using tap water, which we know is sometimes very hard (or even too chlorinated these days), Julie advises using mineral water. Julie uses an Aix les Bains spray but any mineral water will work the same way. It is possible to adapt this step to your skin type . Julie mentions, for example, Avène for sensitive skin and Sérozinc from La Roche Posay for skin with imperfections.

We move on to the key stage of the Serum

After cleansing the skin, the serum is a transformative treatment . If the cream preserves the skin and prevents its degradation, the serum is a cure or treatment for it. A serum is more watery than a cream (besides, in a routine, we always go from the most fluid to the most watery). Julie always adapts her routine to her current needs. She uses three serums during this confinement: ourIntense Radiance Serum , our Global Serum and the OhMyCream Moisturizing Serum .Our Intense Radiance Serum has a little extra: it allows the skin to arm itself with hydration on its own and provides it with nutrients. The red algae it contains triggers the production of hyaluronic acid which allows the skin to capture hydration itself afterwards. Julie alternates with our Global Serum . It is a serum that she recommends using for 28 days to observe the effects. This concentrated serum in lanceolate plantain and pro-collagen is the perfect ally to reduce wrinkles, spots and lack of firmness.

We protect our eyes

Julie applies her eye contour before the cream. She is currently using our Eye Care which has the advantage of being offered in an unusual format on the market: 30mL. This offer allows you to be generous in application and satisfy the need for hydration around the eye area. A tip for not neglecting part of the look is to draw a horizontal figure eight with the tips of your fingers while applying the treatment. This allows you not to forget any important part: arches, external corners of the eyes (crow's feet), between the eyebrows (frown lines), under the eyes, etc.

We hydrate our skin

Julie uses the Care Cream and Huile des Cimes for this final step. The Exertier Care Cream envelops your skin and hydrates it perfectly. The key ingredients of the Care Cream are Orchid Gold, organic argan oil, pro collagen and organic grapeseed oil: a perfect cocktail for skin lacking hydration and in need to treat the signs of aging and lack of firmness. You can obviously use a day cream as a night cream and vice versa.

Julie prefers to use an oil for her evening routine: As we mentioned above, the skin rebuilds itself during the night so by providing it with oil, we help it to reform its hydrolipidic barrier and we wake up in the morning with a plumped and well-rounded skin. Julie (like the rest of the team and all the clients who have tested it) is addicted to our favorite oil: Huile des Cimes . It is a dry oil that gives radiance and plumpness to the skin while perfectly hydrating it. Its texture and smell are to die for and it is truly “the oil that reconciles people with oil”. If you are looking for an economical alternative, you can obviously use a classic oil as for the first step of cleansing: a hazelnut oil can be very pleasant to finish your evening routine for example. When she feels the need, Julie takes a course of our Grand Soin which she uses every evening for 28 days. This treatment provides nutrients and hydration and replaces serum, oil and cream. It allows him to perfectly regenerate his skin.

Sometimes we take the time

Taking the time to make a mask means taking time for yourself. Exertier and its founder do not advocate grainy scrubs which damage the hydrolipidic film and which can form micro abrasions, micro cysts and sometimes pimples. Julie therefore favors peeling masks with enzymes which nibble away dead skin. Before making such a mask it is obviously necessary (like all other cosmetic products) to test it on a small part of the hand or arm to ensure that the skin will not react. After a plane trip or exposure to the Sun, Julie usually compensates for the dehydration of her skin by leaving a moisturizing mask on overnight. You have to pay attention to the composition to ensure that you can leave it on. This is the case with the Care Mask . Healthy glow , glowing and healthy skin guaranteed! Even without these dehydrating factors, it is important to take hydration treatments ; Julie recommends 1 moisturizing mask per week from the age of 20. She does 2 to 3 a week at the moment. The economical alternative: the organic U mask with Aloe Vera has a very simple composition and hydrates well. You can also apply sunflower oil for 40 minutes to 1 hour.

A few more tips...

To avoid flaking and reactions and to maximize the effects of your treatments, the ideal is to use a serum and a cream from the same brand . They will work better this way because the formulas have been worked in synergy and are therefore complementary. The deodorant Julie is using at the moment: Ho Karan Detox deodorant . It's simply great: effective and its composition is short and clean . Julie was asked “what is the best anti-aging treatment?” his answer: We don't care about anti-aging , you must above all know how to support your skin . So we pay attention to the composition of our serum, cream, etc. Take some time for yourself with a Gua Sha massage . Gua Sha is truly a great ally when you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and want to regain the roundness of your face. It's a long-term discipline, you have to stick with it to see lasting effects, but it's well worth the time spent massaging. Follow our Gua Sha massage tutorial here . Also, protecting yourself from the Sun and avoiding cigarettes helps preserve youthful skin.

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